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  • The way I've explained it to people is it's like feeling heat. Imagine if you could only feel heat on your fingertips. If you wave them over a candle flame it feels hot, but not enough to hurt. If you hold them over a forge that's hot enough to melt iron, they will hurt. Same with the magnets. The power of a speaker in a…
  • I could write a cool SiFi book about that, like Larry Niven's The Goliath Stone.
  • 5 months later: My implants are fine. I was worried about a vacation I took at Christmas: I flew through Paris on my way to Singapore and back again through Amsterdam. I left from the ATL airport. I was worried I'd set off the metal detectors and get arrested. Especially in Singapore, which is a no-nonsense country, but I…
  • Yeah, it works. I took the band-aids off today and was able to pick up paper clips. Maybe I have lead-based band-aids? LOL. Thanks for the info Bird and Avanthus. I'll try to avoid playing with them for another month and a half. There's all sorts of stuff that's magnetic that I knew was magnetic but it never registered to…
  • I had the surgery about ten days ago, on Friday August 8: I had the M31 magnet implanted in each of my fingers on my left hand. The procedure was as clinical as we could get it: I had an antibiotic IV in my right hand. We used a blood pressure monitor to cut off circulation to the left arm. I was given a local anesthetic.…
  • I bet that would give you a magnetic personality. Make it easier to attract opposites. You could call it your "Steely Dan" or your "Monster Magnet." You'd be a real sex magnet.(I could go on...)