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  • My magnet is still there, it has been there for nearly four years now. It has no strength anymore, I can only lift a staple and that’s just barely. That’s down from being able to lift 5-7 paperclip a at a time strung out. But I’ve never had any issues and I’ve smashed it many times working
  • I just randomly came back around this forum. My magnet is actually still in my finger after all this time and watching my implant video made me cringe. I know a lot better now than I did then haha The magnet still feels comfortable and sensitive to fields
  • Sensitivity is minimal, but I don't have a personal benchmark to compare it to. I have to get extremely close to sense anything and I can't sense chargers and other things people say they can sense
  • One month update I win mwahaaahahahahaahahahahahaha The wound is completely sealed. Magnet is slightly too close to the surface but I can live with that. It isn't close enough to burst through and it is not painful to touch and is sensitive enough to be useful. I've used it a lot for holding…
  • Fixed, it was a mobile link
  • Finger update
  • Thanks lol, I try.worked very physically today, busted it like four times and now it's turned black and blue. Hopefully it doesn't reject, I can't help that I work with heavy stuff all day.
  • This might sound a little odd, but I'd just take the stitches out. When I put my magnet in, I didn't even use any stitches in the first place, I bandaged it tightly with gauze and left it like that for a few days. Now I wear gauze when going to work and doing physical stuff, but other than that im letting it air. It's been…
  • My incision site is clean and uninfected. It isn't nearly as sore as it was on day one. My implant actually caused a bit of a stir on the forums because my procedure was a bit retarded, here's a link if you're interested: I may take another…
  • I dont know what normal sensation is like, I can only sense the microwave from one position and in a range of around 3 inches. I'm a bit worried I didn't implant it in a great spot for sensation.
  • I'm not sure if it matters that my name is on the list but I am no longer in need of one of these magnets, so you can remove me if it's trouble. My implant is healing nicely despite the ridiculous way I put it in :D
  • I recently implanted my own, only 5 days ago now. I can feel the microwave faintly from a very short distance away, I think my sensation is going to be very minimal because i may have implanted it too far from the nerve center. I can lift paperclips though. My incision was brutal and it sounds like yours looked way worse…
  • Have mercy, I know I sound funny, I was nervous and in pain. Barely conscious at a few points. And today was day 4, still no sign of infection or rejection and I can sense the microwave.
  • I will try to upload that video to YouTube, but it'll take hours and I keep screwing up the upload. If I do, I just ask that you guys not put the video anywhere because it's kind of embarrassing
  • if for some reason you actually do this, holy shit be careful. I'm hearing the blood on fire vibe too, and if this works it could still be one of the most painful experiences youll ever have, ever.
  • Bottom line you can always implant it yourself. You can completely eliminate any sensation in the finger if you cool it in ice for long enough, and the people here are more than happy to give you advice on what disinfectants to use and the types of supplies you should be looking for.
  • The blade was sterilized, of that I'm sure. Most of the blade became literally red hot before it entered my skin. The wound at 42 hours post is still uninfected and painless. Each time it had to reenter my skin I repeated the heating and cooling process. The magnet sat in the rum for over an hour, and the rum was cut…
  • I'm 19 but I didn't raid anyone's liquor supply, I had the bottle sitting around
  • And no, I didn't use a guide, and the rum and torch thing is not a joke. I had no other supplies available.
  • I checked it again while changing the bandages and it still looks perfectly fine. No swelling, redness or fluids leaking. I think I dodged the bullet. I did want to stop when my vision was swimming but at that point I knew if I quit I'd never get back on the horse, and this was a dream of mine so I just pressed on after…
  • He accepted my payment, dunno what to say. Were there good video tutorials, I would have watched one before going at it. I just inspected the wound and it looks totally fine, no swelling or redness, just a cut as you might imagine. Here is an imgur album Taken about twenty four hours post.
  • Ill probably take a picture next time I change the bandaging, and I'll document the rejection/infection if it should occur. I plan to give it at least a week before removing it if it gets infected or begins to reject, I dont think I have the skill or will to try implanting it a second time should it fail.
  • No, it was literally fire and rum. Propane torch, got the blade red hot, dipped it to cool it, and just started cutting. Had the finger soaped clean then held in the ice water, it was never going to be perfect but it came out pretty well. I did a bit of research, but in the end I decided to take a calculated risk with it.…
  • I had it all planned out in my head, but it's a big difference between plans and reality sometimes, I found out the hard way that I really wasn't ready to perform surgery on myself. If I had to do it again Id do it professionally I can be sure that the wound is clean, and infection isn't a huge risk here. I just have to…
  • I was thinking about buying a haworth magnet but if they are only available to reputable body mod artists, I guess I'll be waiting on the TiN magnets. Somehow I missed both of the sales on those things, but I'm determined to get one the next time around. I literally can't wait to mutilate my body and shove something…
  • Thanks guys, it sounds like the haworth isn't too bad. I think I'll buy one. I appreciate the opinions and posts :D
  • Are alex or amal selling? I'd be willing to work out a deal for one of these with either of them. 
  • I just did. I'm a little disappointed, oh well. Can any of you guys vouch for steve haworth's magnets? At this point I'm just interested in actually getting a magnet, and that is the most promising. They're ridiculously expensive but I'd do it out of desperation. The silicone coated ones on
  • I'd also like to be on the waiting list if you have room. Thank you for doing this.
  • I just resparked my interest in body mods after talking with a friend. I'm still very keen on implanting an m31, I think an m36 would probably be too big. Are there any left over m31's I can buy? Or when dangerousthings will be back in stock again?