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  • I didn't work food service, but I was doing wine delivery during my healing period. I think that you might need at least a couple days off immediately after, but as long as it's your left ring finger you can do most everything. A stitch worked really well for me although I had to trim it a couple times because it was…
  • Vaguely like this?
  • So it would be on the outside like a watch but held by the subdermal implants? That doesn't seem like it would really feel much different that a watch.
  • Any grant would have all kinds of oversight. No one is just going to give you money and then let you do research. If you are going to be doing research on people then there are even more hoops to leap through. You almost certainly wouldn't be able to use yourself as a subject. Grants are very, very specific.
  • "Honestly, I don't see the benefit of this project if you had to wear a charger everytime you want to access wour data..." You have to have an external device to access the data no matter what. You can't directly access it or display on your arm. You should only need to power data storage when you access it. Anything else…
  • I think we'd need a single standard for implants before that became an issue. One can only hope they get so popular that proliferation of standards becomes a problem.
  • I was speaking about legal protections only, the Hobby Lobby case being an example of Christians successfully using religious protection laws and the Church of Satan's failure to get anything they want implemented in reality being the other religions. This isn't about social interactions, just legal ones.
  • "They do the same with Islam...." Not sure what you mean here. " However we need to be mindful of not making our own demons in the sense of trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist," Very good point. No need to pick fights that aren't necessary.
  • 15 April would be best of those two. How about for the rest of people? Is a month enough time?
  • I have some experience in nonprofits. Maybe there are education grants that could be twisted to fit into biohacking? A nonprofit could also be a good vehicle to get donations from more wealthy transhumanists for research purposes?
  • How does Saturday, April 29 work for people?
  • The more I research this stuff the more I realize that what we really need is new standards for these things. The tech is all there, it's just not set up to work easily. Standards would make a huge difference.
  • Even in the US religious rights are pretty narrow. Most of the things that this is in response to wouldn't be affected by transhumanism being a religion. There hasn't been a huge amount of success by non-Christian religions in the US enforcing the "rights" that christian sects are claiming. The Church of Satan hasn't…
  • "Then, you take a sample of your blood. You then bind the e. coli to the sample and inject it into yourself." I'm not sure what part of the blood you're suppose to be binding the e coli to, but it would most likely be the leukocytes, which would just break down the e coli and you'd have regular old blood after that.
  • I imagine there are quite a few studies that do this, but here's one. LINK It's pretty trivial to do in practical terms.
  • Those are very similar functionally to what I've been looking at. It looks from my research that it should be possible to print the temporary tattoo rfids. If I ever have money again I'm going to try.
  • I've been thinking and researching ideas around storage implants. Using these arduino boards makes it relatively big. If we could get rid of them it would be a huge size reduction. These folks hacked a microSD. Inside they've got a microcontroller, for reasons explained in the…
  • Finally, my need to have real time info on arctic foxes can be satisfied!! But seriously, It would be super cool to have that on a screen set up on the wall somewhere as a sort of art piece. Migration patterns and all that. I wonder if the RF data could be an indicator for an oncoming solar storm.
  • Tomorrow I'll be finding out my work schedule going forward. Is there a day that works for you all? I know sundays will be good for me, and most evenings should be good as well.
  • Bump. @angrybeo @maxatmic Anyone else interested in NYC meetup?
  • If this is just a way to keep this stuff legal then I see no problem with it in the short term. Ignoring the problems that will happen in the long term with religious designation isn't a good plan though. Part of the up side of making it a religion is that we can have a broader discussion of our goals beyond doing cool…
  • It could be dangerous, but mainly because it introduces serious problems with education and not because people might think it is suddenly based on faith and not experiments. I think there is a way to separate the knowledge and process of the scientific method from the belief structure that undergirds it. Clearly Christians…
  • It won't be tattooed under the skin, it will not be ink either. It will be copper on a biocompatible elastic substrate that will then be implanted after fully coated with said biocompatible substrate. The originals are only "tattoos" in that they use a temporary tattoo substrate to attach to the skin, not because they use…
  • Also, the right wing has been declaring that science is also a religion for so long that we might as well use their declarations to make it a religion. Science: The Religion That's Actually True
  • I am of the firm opinion that some sort of religious protection is vital, probably necessary if we want to continue to modify ourselves. What we need out of a church is a few things. 1) Bottom up governance. We cannot allow some small group of people to decide where the movement goes, and having a religious hierarchy would…
  • There isn't some secret DIY hacker underground that has a forum you're just going to drop in on. I'm sure there are folks out there trying some weird stuff, but they're almost certainly well funded and not going onto internet forums to get advice from folks like us. Well, other than the people here.
  • No, the phone just does it when I run my magnet across the bottom part of the screen. It works on either the front or the back of the phone. Its an HTC desire. I found it out on accident one day because it also turns off the screen for a moment. Not sure what does it really.
  • I forgot my other favorite thing, I can trigger the screen shutdown on my computer with my magnet, and I can turn on my phone's screen with it by swiping like I have an iPhone.
  • I can tell what metals are magnetic, so basically what has steel in it. This has been useful around the house when I'm trying to nail things into the wall, so I know when to give up. I also used it to figure out that the bent caster on my roll out couch was steel so I knew I could bend it back out when it was broken. I can…
  • Thank you for documenting this.