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  • Actually, I know a group formed on that thing that isn't slack. I'll take a look. I know the people who were involved.. so it probably took one meeting and resolved.
  • For example, with the double units you're seeing? When a field hits them, one repels and one attracts. The entire unit moves.
  • Yeah. I mean, our focus had been on stronger magnets.. better field shapes etc. It was a quest for stronger and smaller. But what I've found is that the physical shape and size of the device matters more. People are selling units labeled n55. I've bitched about this before. It's just a different of how honest you are in…
  • Oh yeah. Spider silk is now being grownn vats. Silkworms are being grown on fucking buckyballs and hydroxyapetite. We watch them while snorting antidiuretic hormones and racing giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches with electrodes attached to their antennae. Dude, I don't think that's the issue. Lol.
  • Lol. I don't think that's it at all. A few members are in the midst of trialing a vaccine for Sars Cov2. The Northstar 2, pegleg 2, embedivet, milktooth, and a number of flex implants are all nearly complete. Nah dude. It's that people are too busy.
  • I've done a few versions before but I don't think I've put them in anyone but me so far. Rather than trying to super focus the whole field, ive been flipping the two magnets so they too are in opposition. The field created is rather impressive.
  • Oh well, the term array doesn't mean much. Its a fancy way for me to say multiple magnets in one. Lol. Now.. a halbach array is a different story. The point is that by arranging a number of magnets together you can create something similar to unipolar magnet. It's not of course.. but if you check out the field being…
  • I know right? Lol. Ok, so what I've noticed is that it depends on the time of year. Usually in the summer it's dead. I always thought it was because that's when all the conventions etc are but I guess not.
  • Well, it's a valid concern. That's an issue with PMMA. It's not especially brittle.. but it's brittle enough. It's ok in terms of durability.. could be better. There are other materials which are stronger for sure. Polycarbonate for example is pretty awesome. But youre not going to find a resin form of it I bet.. and if…
  • Formlabs has some great biocompatible resins! God I want a Formlab 3 so bad.
  • I've played with a ton of resins. I've used the Formlab 2 formulation. It holds up ok... The dipping thing doesn't really work though. Its not designed for bulk polymerization. There are ways to make it work of course.. I've found that coating your final piece in mineral oil really helps it cure.. I assume it doesn't…
  • The bottle contains the newest magnets.. the pellucid white. Next to it is out newest implant, the Milk Tooth. The Milk Tooth is an NFC and N52 magnet insertable. We're still finalizing design on some other fun. Keep your eyes out.
  • Ok. I've been holding out on shipping. The new batch really is beautiful and I'm going to be shipping these out instead. For those who have already orderered, idk.. I guess I'll hit you all up individually? Anyhoe, take a look at these:
  • There are a number of really good ones that I don't think most people know about. 24hrengineer is a great one I haven't checked in forever. Do we have a list somewhere?
  • Very interesting read! I wasn't aware of your blog either.
  • Interesting! Nice work.
  • No. Not at all. I can ship these no problem. Sorry, it was an unfinished thought. I'm going to be showing off a very cool new type of finger magnet; however, they're custom sized and implanted at the lab. The thing is.. we're in a pandemic. So, having someome drive from LA or SF is one thing.. flying in etc is out of the…
  • Egad. I've got to get better at this whole.. business thing. Please do.
  • > @AgainstHumanity64 said: > Titanium has poor electrical conductivity (if you're gonna use it however), also magnetization. And it's probably not worth it taking ten times as much time to recover. > I'd rather spend more money on a decent DT magnet than that. What are you talking about? Titanium is paramagnetic. Why would…
  • Oh. In that case it very well might suit your purpose. I don't see why a normal tragus piercing with a magnet attached wouldn't work.
  • Realty Wizard.. where do I know you from? What have you done?
  • Furthermore, there's no reason to place a transdermal in the tragus. Just put a normal ring through it and glue a magnet to it. The thing is.. why? Neither will do anything for you at all unless you regularly rub your ears against everything.
  • An implant is much easier to heal then a transdermal as well. A percutaneous object will almost inevitably reject.
  • There is no reason for a magnet to weaken over the time frames we care about. If the magnet strength is decreasing your coating has failed and it's degrading.
  • I'm going to call these prototypes only. I'll have something much much cooler soon.
  • Actually.. I got in sure other new stuff and it's so amazing to work with.
  • Awesome. So, the top right is the new incarnation of the lantern implant. It's a large ring N52 magnet. The inside consists of a glowing pigment encased in PMMA. It can be charged through the skin with a bright flashlight.
  • No problem. I'll do some close ups and well. Can you measure the circumference of the finger you want it placed in?
  • These are the updated version of the Lantern implant. It's much much brighter. The footprint is larger as well.
  • I need some better pics. So I have one last batch of pellucid magnets. 30 to be exact. These are the 3mm x1mm TiN N52 classic for the finger tips. After that, its all multi magnet arrays. It you are within 150 miles and would like to receive a test implant let me know.