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  • Ok. Worked all day and night in the lab. Will have some pics up in a bit.
  • Yeah. I'm being investigated by the nursing board. I gave a speech at Defcon a few years back discussing safety. One of the I said was we do this and this and this with lidocaine... I was speaking in general about the community but they think I was …
  • Ooof. It sounds to me like you took a dose intravascularly. As a nurse, I always pull back on my syringe hub a bit before injecting. If you get a flash of blood.. u know you're in a vein. Be careful! People seem to think that lidocaine is harmless. …
  • Oh I know. Just playing.
  • Yeah. Ha. I'm super into the community. I have so much going on though that I'm drowning! Lol. Auglim definitely isn't just me. I work with Fraz and Zwytech a lot right now. Working on the site is something I know should be a priority. We started li…
  • Oh and I thought about using aluminum stront powder... But it's not a good idea. In the event the vial fractures? Not good. I make a resin/pigment paste. It strengthens the tube and us easy to remove even if it cracks.
  • It does. We've trialed them and they glow really well. They last for a short period. Helyx could tell you more about how long. 5min? Maybe 10?
  • If all you guys want is glow powder encased in glass.. that's super easy. I'm confused as to what we were talking about now lol. Are you looking for just the tubes? Or did you want an led with glow powder?
  • > @Cassox said: > Yes. I made the originals. I'm a dick. This is not what I meant. Lol. The original poster clearly made the originals of what we started talking about. I meant something else by this.
  • Kindof, although it's in shambles and the order function is turned off. I'll fix it soon. I know. I'm a terrible businessman. I truly am. I just find all the wetwork and coating tech to be so much more interesting. I'll b…
  • Shush. It's not my fault! That feels like a personal attack McStuff and it cuts deeep! Lol.
  • Sorry! Things have been a bit crazy. I actually started on the new batches. I have a total of 30 3mmx1mm pellucid finger magnets. I didn't have a chance to break out the glass stuff but I will. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make the bioglass style…
  • Ughll. Family emergency.. but yeah. I have some stuff finished and some other stuff nearly finished.
  • Oh it's so external stuff. It's basically an insulin pump integrated with a glucose monitor.
  • Of course. Also, you if you haven't, check out the artificial pancreas project. I feel like it's one of the bigger biohacking successes.
  • Yeah. I'm well aware of the XLED. They don't require a special charger. They just need to be placed near an appropriate coil. I'm not bad mouthing this product in anyway. I mean, I can easily do glowing tubes which are charged by an external light …
  • I'll revisit this thread on my next lab day.. that's Wednesday. I've made a number of Led RFID light charged ones. I'd show u photos.. but they really aren't as cool as they look. The photos were taken under black light.. so optimal glow. I tried so…
  • If you'd like I can do it in a bioglass tube. That's easy.
  • Yes. I made the originals.
  • Also.. since we're discussing Lidocaine.. who here is in a country where you can purchase it OTC? Also, do people end up hurting themselves using it? Has anyone experience Mal effects from lidocaine?
  • Many many people get magnets placed on other locations and report great sensation. Such as the blade of the hand. And really, it doesn't take a special magnet. I am working to make some really cool ones that should work better there.. but a Haworth …
  • If you're interested in this project, I would look into tests regarding sensitivity. Like, I was playing with two point descrimination etc. One person's subjective claim doesn't mean anything. Mine included.
  • I have experience with NGF. Right ring finger. Fucking platypus's. I definitely had greater overall sensation in that finger for about two years. Especially to painfully stimuli but pretty much all sensation.
  • I've got a labspace to in California. We're working on a cellulose sheets. Many have done kombucha leather. We're trying to grow the sheets on agricultural waste from the central valley in order to make it more economically feasible. Grown on sugar…
  • Hey moonman. I've played with similar ideas. The best results I got were using DMSO and Iontophoresis. You definitely can't let it dry out. Of course, it wasn't while I was in the US. Here.. there's always the potential for legal issues. There i…
  • Interesting. What type of magnet was it?
  • Carl, can I use that photo for some thing? I have a lot of healing photos from people over the years. I'd like to make a gallery. Would you mind if I use this in it?
  • It's still worth discussing. So here's the thing.. looking at that pic.. you have a pocket which has formed. It happens. Sometimes fibrous encapsulations form around foreign bodies. Don't ask me why. I'm no doctor.. but I have noticed that sometimes…