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  • This is an article on hyperkeratinosis. It talks about factors that induce it. There was a whole thread I'll have to dredge up where people wanted to induce callouses also. Next time you should take laborious wound healing photos. Ooh. Also maybe we could biopsy you at…
  • So the quality and everything still makes me cringe but we're learning as we go with the video making thing.
  • Ok. Here you go:
  • Hey Sandra! A lot of people send sleeping bags or tents ahead of time. We definitely have a sleeping bag you can use. Theres ususally a hammock village set up and tents in the trees.
  • No way. There's a whole book on the hokey? Weird.
  • Ok, so the tentative dates are the weekend of May 25th. We'll make it official in one week after people have weighed in. It's a holiday weekend so people have the monday of to travel home.
  • Still writing this up, but if you search through patents that j&j has filed since ethilon bought out Torax.. there's some cool tech on its way. Renal vessel controllers and whatnot.
  • Theyre pretty cool devices.
  • Yeah. Ive got a write up Ill share soon. Also look into the FENIX system.
  • That's awesome. One of the engineers i work with has a few nice lasers and we intend to try it out as well. Sorry you had lane responses from people but laser sealing cylinders is pretty standard.
  • Lol. If only it was that simple.
  • I had some success potting the other end, but once you get that far you might as well just coat it instead of incorporating glass.
  • Tell me about your experiences with glass. I've used a blowtorch and spun closed one end. I never sealed the other end that way in fear of superheating contents. Ive seen plenty of the Schott IR absorbing glass. Its the semitranslucent gray color stuff right? Are you laser sealing it?
  • Oooh. Interesting. Well, im not sure what would happen. You might start by using a good adhesive and trying it out. No need to break skin at all. There are adhesives stronger then skin. Might find one that dissolves with a solvent. You'll need to undo it and clean well in the area created frequently. May get a smell too..…
  • I wonder if there's a biological approach to massively increase the density of elastic fibers.
  • I know right. I love that approach. I've sat through a number of heart stents. It sure looks easy to do. Lol. Something tells me that I shouldnt try doing a brain Cath in the lab. Hmmm.. The thing with neurolink though is like 3000 independent electrodes. I'm still hopeful. There's a lot we can do as independent…
  • On a side note, if you're especially sensitive to pain there's no shame. An easy solution is but OTC lodocaine gel. You can get it on Amazon. Some of the sprays for sexual disfunction have as high as 10 percent. The percent doesnt matter much when injecting but makes a big difference for topical. You apply the gel about…
  • I have no emotional attachment. Saying its ok for biohackers is a joke. The point being that one might expect such shit numbers were this being performed in some shitty garage. No one owes us anything? Entitlement is irrelevant. I want these results because they're potentially valuable regarding what I'm doing. Simplifying…
  • Yes, which is fine for the majority of products. Something like an incorporated low freq id tag would be fine with me personally. But, from an overall perspective I feel like ID coding everything could have unforseen consequences. Either people get back to us with their failures or they don't. When am I going to recieve a…
  • I went to a talk discussing BCI, and the dude went into detail regarding the utility of signal from different sources. His conclusion was that EEg based BCI isnt going to be terribly useful as it's basically the average of a rather large area by the time you make it through skull. I'm not trying to dissaude you at all.…
  • You're biggest issue is going to be working on yourself. I mean, you're not just going to be suturing. You're going to be suturing while watching through a mirror. I'm seriously curious if I could do this well. And remember that on the face, the quality of your suturing directly correlates to the scar left behind. Do you…
  • Here's one example of an US intervention:,cognition%20in%20Alzheimer's%20disease%20models. A quick search will yield you tons of results showing studies where US was used to treat rather then…
  • Hmmm.. I know that if we searched the forums, people have attempted to make shared doc folder etc. for stuff we don't want to explicitly host. I feel like there's some resource that someone could point us to. If this doesn't exist, it needs to.
  • That's funny. It's something I've been thinking about lately too. So our lab is in So Cal right? And tons of cyberpunk media chooses it as a setting.. furthermore.. I make cyborgs for a living damn it. I'm cyberpunk as fuck. So, I got thinking.. what would that look like right? I watched all the old classics like Ghost in…
  • While were dreaming:
  • Just ordered one of these. Ill tell you about it once I get it in hand.
  • Thank you so much! Just saw them! You're fantastic.
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  • Well demagnetizing isn't really an issue. If you're having a loss of strength that generally means your coating has failed. On the other, these are really intetesting. I'm going up order one to check out.
  • I definitely will. I'll write up a blog about it ASAP. Weve been recovering from GF.