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  • Interesting. If people are willing to fund this run at 500 each, there's no way he won't find a way. Amal doesn't fuck around.
  • Yep. Can do. PM me. We don't charge for procedures. Come up and bbq and celebrate becoming a cyborg. Lol.
  • Well, that's initial cost. I think it's going to be far less later on.
  • Interesting. How is he doing the excellerated stress testing?
  • Hahahaha. That's hilarious. Not quite a shotgun slug. Lol. More important I think is the thickness and it looks pretty good to me. Also, because of the shape, it should slide in. So with flex units etc.. they're a bit of a pain simply because yo…
  • Ok. The first batch of the newer designs are finished, polished, tested and ready to ship out. We'll be putting these up on the website soon as well. One thing we found.. 3mm is too big for fingers really. By using many smaller magnets we can creat…
  • Can you please tell us more of your experience?
  • This is a very accepting comminuted and I'm sorry for your experience. This is a modality which makes it difficult for some people and Im sure I was probably one of the people involved. There a few things that I personally care about. I do use the…
  • Hope that helps. Lol. No, I'll find you a link in a bit.
  • Actually, I know a group formed on that thing that isn't slack. I'll take a look. I know the people who were involved.. so it probably took one meeting and resolved.
  • For example, with the double units you're seeing? When a field hits them, one repels and one attracts. The entire unit moves.
  • Yeah. I mean, our focus had been on stronger magnets.. better field shapes etc. It was a quest for stronger and smaller. But what I've found is that the physical shape and size of the device matters more. People are selling units labeled n55. I've b…
  • Oh yeah. Spider silk is now being grownn vats. Silkworms are being grown on fucking buckyballs and hydroxyapetite. We watch them while snorting antidiuretic hormones and racing giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches with electrodes attached to their a…
  • Lol. I don't think that's it at all. A few members are in the midst of trialing a vaccine for Sars Cov2. The Northstar 2, pegleg 2, embedivet, milktooth, and a number of flex implants are all nearly complete. Nah dude. It's that people are too busy.
  • I've done a few versions before but I don't think I've put them in anyone but me so far. Rather than trying to super focus the whole field, ive been flipping the two magnets so they too are in opposition. The field created is rather impressive.
  • Oh well, the term array doesn't mean much. Its a fancy way for me to say multiple magnets in one. Lol. Now.. a halbach array is a different story. The point is that by arranging a number of magnets together you can create something similar to unipol…
  • I know right? Lol. Ok, so what I've noticed is that it depends on the time of year. Usually in the summer it's dead. I always thought it was because that's when all the conventions etc are but I guess not.
  • Well, it's a valid concern. That's an issue with PMMA. It's not especially brittle.. but it's brittle enough. It's ok in terms of durability.. could be better. There are other materials which are stronger for sure. Polycarbonate for example is prett…
  • Formlabs has some great biocompatible resins! God I want a Formlab 3 so bad.
  • I've played with a ton of resins. I've used the Formlab 2 formulation. It holds up ok... The dipping thing doesn't really work though. Its not designed for bulk polymerization. There are ways to make it work of course.. I've found that coating your …
  • The bottle contains the newest magnets.. the pellucid white. Next to it is out newest implant, the Milk Tooth. The Milk Tooth is an NFC and N52 magnet insertable. We're still finalizing design on some other fun. Keep your eyes out.
  • Ok. I've been holding out on shipping. The new batch really is beautiful and I'm going to be shipping these out instead. For those who have already orderered, idk.. I guess I'll hit you all up individually? Anyhoe, take a look at these:
  • There are a number of really good ones that I don't think most people know about. 24hrengineer is a great one I haven't checked in forever. Do we have a list somewhere?
  • Very interesting read! I wasn't aware of your blog either.
  • Interesting! Nice work.
  • No. Not at all. I can ship these no problem. Sorry, it was an unfinished thought. I'm going to be showing off a very cool new type of finger magnet; however, they're custom sized and implanted at the lab. The thing is.. we're in a pandemic. So, havi…
  • Egad. I've got to get better at this whole.. business thing. Please do.
  • > @AgainstHumanity64 said: > Titanium has poor electrical conductivity (if you're gonna use it however), also magnetization. And it's probably not worth it taking ten times as much time to recover. > I'd rather spend more money on a decen…
  • Oh. In that case it very well might suit your purpose. I don't see why a normal tragus piercing with a magnet attached wouldn't work.
  • Realty Wizard.. where do I know you from? What have you done?