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  • Me too please! :)
  • I completely agree however I meant unlike, for instance, amphetamines which pretty much remove the ability to swallow food along with supressing the desire to eat, armodafinil gives you the choice of whether or not you're going to eat. Although, I used to take omeprazole and that caused extreme hunger when mixed with…
  • I agree with the appetite suppression however although it decreases desire to eat, it doesn't in anyway inhibit the ability to do so, so as long as you remember then you should be fine. In terms of reliable suppliers, I know a few but I imagine that it depends on the area in which you live. I live in the UK and get 100…
  • The racetam family are definitely a good starting point and theanine really helps to mellow out any harshness in the effects, choline alongside racetams is considered by most people to be a must have as well, helps avoid headaches and brain fog that can result if your acetylcholine levels drop too much.
  • Thanks for the reply pal, It's looking like you could be right from the similarities in the pictures and I have to agree about the super glue, next time I'll use a stitch I think. Guess I'll leave it to it's own devices as long as it stays painless and clean and try again in a different finger if you're right. I did try to…
  • Aniracetam is good for helping with social skills as is a theanine/ caffeine mix. Armodafinil gives a much clearer cleaner cognition in my experience which having been on some form of 'afinil' or another every day for the last 2 years is fairly established. Personally I find caffeine works best with modafil in terms of…