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  • I don't have a single one of these problems. I'm using a note 8 on the most recent version of Android and the chrome browser.
  • The SMM rep had no more info today. They said they only have the NiCuNi then double TiN. He said maybe there was a chance you didn't completely scrape all of the TiN off. They didn't have much info past that.
  • The SMM rep said that he was going to get in contact with the factory who coated the magnets and try to find out what the mystery layer could be. He should have that info by tomorrow.
  • I got a response and the SMM rep said, "Thank you for you request. There is double coating of titanium nitride over a standard nickel coating (NiCuNi)." This is confusing since there was some other layer in your testing. I sent another email explaining that there seemed to be yet another layer so I'm waiting on them to…
  • I've sent them an email about it so we'll see if they tell me anything else.
  • @Imbellis hmm I've heard of some people asking their doctors for lidocaine. They say they are going to put it in a first aid kit. This probably isn't going to work for everyone but it is worth a try. Another way some people have numbed before implant is using ice and salt to make the area really cold. Though that isn't…
  • That's true that's kind of why I'm waiting on some results from you and @nothot
  • Also by the way I am speaking with someone at SMM to try and get more info on what the other metal layers if the magnet are. If I find out Ill post them here.
  • All of that sounds promising. I was contemplating implanting one of the SMM magnets soon. I was kinda waiting to see how @nothot 's had gone and to see what you had to say about it. At this point it is seeming to be relatively good option. If things keep going good and I get some free time I'll go ahead and do it. I'll be…
  • Really good analysis will definitely be watching to see what happens. I also had a question for you. I've seen some people talking about you making a resin coating for magnets. Could you give me a link to where you have talked about this in detail?
  • I believe dangerous things has a kit with lidocaine in it. As for the healing I feel like you will be able to kind of June when it is mostly healed. Could take longer than 3 weeks maybe shorter but that is a good time to wait. I'm not 100% sure on testing the coating but I know both of those will help to find flaws. I am…
  • @SimplyTom I am also ordering some and going to do some tests
    in Magnet Status Comment by Boi July 2018
  • This is a bit of a quick fix but you can find silicone ring sizers. They just make it fit you a little bit better. I use one just for my highschool class ring.
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  • I can't say anything for certain but I would imagine no one outside of your family would be willing to implant it for you. There could be a mess there with you being a minor.
  • From what I know most implants are mostly unnoticeable. They sit under the skin and aren't to big so I doubt they would be noticed.
  • @HalfHuman they're somewhat untested and some have said they have questionable quality but these might be a step in the right direction
    in Magnet Status Comment by Boi July 2018