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  • I have seen tests on TiN magnets in very harsh tests and not fail, but once put into the body will fail in 6 months. Just because you have a few good tests does not mean you are good. The bodies just is to kill that thing and it will. Being that you said it's a method you haven't seen before it freaky. You might not have…
  • @Lost_V wrist you won't be able to feel fields in at all. pick things up sure. But you have almost nothing there as far as nerves go. I know people who have done it and felt absolutely nothing. 
  • I'm in Utah and I do implants all the time. The needle implants you just need a friend if you can't do it your self, it super easy. So I guess if anyone wants an implant in salt lake I can do it. A lot of doctors would do it if you are friends with them. They just can't get in trouble with the law, most doctors think it is…
  • @Conchobear an implant in an arm right there would be bad. The read range on the nfc chips is pretty low and with that skin being thick I would say you would probably never be able to read it with any old nfc able phone.
  • Super magnet man I got about 3 working ones for ever 50 I got. and that wasn't on very hard tests. Those raw in a person I'd never trust.
  • I've had a similar experience with the 2T but it was a bad coating application! I have not had 2T implanted for a over a year and no noticeable damage to the tissue or magnet that I can see with scans. I'd love to ask what you did to rupture the coating in the end (it normally is fine till the coating pops and the metal…
  • You can feel the buzzing of the heater kinda feels the same as a microwave but at a different frequency.
  • Looking back at the gif, what is this magnet coated in? It looks pretty silver on the surface. Just want to make sure you aren't putting in something stupid after going threw all of this trouble of getting it in there in the first place.
  • @cassox I think they should be, but really I just had extra resin so I thought I'd give it a shot. on those I didn't look at the coating I just thought I'd sent them along so you can look at them and if anyone wanted to risk it they could be the first. I'm sure the surface looks a little bit weird since I used wax paper to…
  • That Gif kills me, I watched it like 20 times.
  • How many people ended up getting the 3 magnets in?
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  • I have done both, the injection way sucks for m31 size magnets because it sticks to the needle and the taper is so long on the needle that it tends to poke all the way threw to the other side of the finger, and it sucks to have a needle go from one side all the way to the other like a finger kabob. Use a #15 blade and…
  • I mean I'll talk if you need a veteran. I have had like 15 DIY procedures done, mostly by my self and some by others. I do a fair amount of designing of implants now since I've gotten all of the normal available ones already. My current focus is a smaller flexible nfc implant and a bone conduction skull mounted BLE implant.
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  • Here is a link without any access issues.
  • Dr sleepless needs to be on this list, since you know, it's where the name grinder comes from after all. The cyborg manifesto is pretty alright also
  • Not really. Breathing things in is normally not a good thing unless it is air. and even then bad air does exist. Also ngf is kinda not magic juice.
  • Gold is very hard to get done right, and very soft. I would rather use parylene than gold my self. Plus the magnets you linked to have 1.5mm thick, I know in my girly thin hands a 1mm thick magnet is visible as a small bump. I know you think .5mm wouldn't make a huge difference but I think I would for you.
  • As far as I know Alex is the only guy who "works" there and it he is in Australia. So shipping is slow on just man power and slow because it is the other side of the planet.
  • 1 layer is used because it is thin and will give you the best feeling.nothing in the world is 100% perfectly bio safe and even if it was the body could reject something just do to how the cut was done and the way it tries to heal. Worst possible case I can come up with is you implant the thing way deep, it goes bad, you…
  • Dr sleepless is where a lot of this culture comes from its a comic about grinders
  • Week or has to be coated or else your body will eat it away and poison you. And the bone devices I'd say are the answer but coating them is a huge pain a thin layer doesn't work since it has air gaps. Those gaps have to be sorta filled because you can't have a hold in a implant. If you try and bridge that hole with a thin…
  • So this works fine except you need to find a way to power it, fine a way to coat it (coating moving things is hell, trust me is done a lot of it) and you can't rely on air movement with an implant because the air can't move much (since it has to be a solid coating around it)
  • I drank soylent and only soylent for 3 months the first month was 1.4 and the other 2 were 2.0. I felt fine and honestly better than I did before. But it was kinda spendy with my poor kid ass.
  • I'll be there and would also like to split a room with people
  • I have tattoos over my NFC and biotherm implants with no issues at all. It feels very weird to get it done when the skin is thin over the implant, but it still works with no issues. But make sure to tell the artist before having it done so they don't try and push to hard.
  • Hey looks thats me! Coatings are super hard to do, and if you coat 10 you might get 3 or 4 that works well. it's a pain in the butt but worth it I guess due to the lack of available magnets. But continue at your own risk.
  • I've made a motorcycle start with xNT. I have the arduino code on my github account I have another thread talking about this already if you want to find it.
  • I'd say get everything out that will come out and keep an eye on it. Don't take it out but don't force it back in if it starts moving out
  • @SomeRandomGuy I love that video, I have see it before. They have some very interesting things in there and I would love to see more of his data on things. I hit him up a while back and got no reply. But maybe someone else would have better luck