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  • OK so here's what gave me the idea :
    in Polarity Comment by Alesia December 2015
  • "Don't blow it up" Lol I will do my best. I did subscribe to his channel. You've done a great job with it... I love the videos. Where do you get all your materials? I mean I know you can get 100% acetone (I have some), an ultrasound machine for cle…
    in Graphene Comment by Alesia December 2015
  • Lol OK that's awesome. I guess I should of researched it more before posting... Sorry about that. I just saw this doing my daily news reading and thought it was fascinating. The idea of using it in computers is also really interesting. I've been try…
    in Graphene Comment by Alesia December 2015
  • Newbie here too! From northern va (a few miles from DC). Right now I'm also planning to get a magnet implant... Knew I had to have one the moment I found out about them. I mean, who wouldn't want a sixth sense? I'm traveling to Chicago for Christmas…
  • Try googling anatomy of fingers / hand on the large image size setting. To narrow it down, try adding tendons / nerves/ blood vessels (or arteries veins). I found several great pics when I was looking into it showing how the tendons and nerves run t…
  • Northern VA (basically DC). Philadelphia and NYC are kind of middle ground... But hotel prices in nyc are ridiculous.
  • I'm not sure if this is legal (not that it really matters).... But as a biochem student, I have access to the above article... If it helps you guys out I am more than willing to contribu…