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  • Nice, can't wait to try these.
  • I see. I didn't think about that. I will have to take a closer look at them.
  • ahh, just looked up the microdermals, I think i am basically doing the same thing. placing 3 anchor magnets and then using different strength magnets on the patch itself depending on the weight of the outer shell. 
  • I am not sure exactly what you mean by microdermal implants. Using 3 small coated magnets around the socket seems to be enough to me. The non coated magnets are for placement in the patch frame, not for any implant or direct skin contact. put larger ones in while wearing a patch with more stuff attached to it, and smaller…
  • I was hoping that the facial nerves would be deep enough not to cause and issue, especially around the outer part of the socket, and it seems they shouldn't be. as far as the paired magnets, i have several non coated n52/n42 disc magnets of various sizes i was going to experiment with. since this is going to be pretty…
  • wow, thanks for the fast responses. I knew that there were some major nerves around the socket, and didn't want to mess around with them. Biology is not my strong suit. My plan was mainly 3 magnets, two above, and one outer/lower leaving it loose around the bridge of the nose. that gives me over an inch away from each…