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  • I mean, they're still for sale at cyberise, right?
  • No no. Neither Alex nor Amal are like that. From my experience both are totally open to criticism and are often their worst critics. We were talking about the Ver.2. of the Firefly. While it isn't a failure, it wasn't the improvement over v1 he had …
  • Alex is around all the time. He's on the slack board. I spoke with him yesterday.
  • Believe it or not, petrolatum does a better job then triple antibiotic on a non infected wound in terms of minimizing scarring and increasing speed of healing.
  • I agree. I totally intend to finish up the class content on my site also. I'm going to use photos from the procedural class. An antibac ointment really shouldn't be used unless there's an actual infection. There's some debate regarding it's use with…
  • Agreed. Or chlorhexidine hcl.
  • I have a pretty good list of people. This is specially for the class at grindfest so if you're not going then we can't help you. Sorry!
  • Crazy. Parenteral nutrition is like Biosphere II. People don't seem to get that it doesnt work. I've never seen anyone thrive on TPN. How does it work? How often do you see a nutritionist? Do you run your own fluids? Do you take lipids and protein?
  • Why haven't they just placed a basic gastric tube?
  • An NJ is whole different beast. An Ng or Og though is usually pretty harmless.. assuming a short duration. But yeah.. they aren't pleasant long term. They aren't really meant to stay in that long. They'll usually go in through the abdominal wall. …
  • The most important thing is the cross linker.. most aren't something you want in the body
  • Yeah. I once tested a haworth.. magnetometer, tear strength etc.. and got really bad results. The magnet strength in particular was much lower than I expected. Because of this, I was really critical for a bit. I got the chance to test another maybe…
  • Ok, so I feel qualified to discuss this. The TiN isn't actually the important layer of the cyberise unit. It's an empty promise. Lol. The magic is in the polymethylmethacrylate. It's a fantastic resin that's durable and biocompatible. Because of P…
  • I'm in Tehachapi. It's the northern border of SoCal. Let me know if you ever feel like a day trip down to the lab.
  • Are you going to be at bdyhax?
  • Yeah. Shouldn't be an issue. PM me and we can work something out.
  • That's funny. A dude im working with is doing the Kraft method to start. I'll look into it.
  • Im not sure how well electroplating over TiN or parylene will work out. Write up a post about it if you do.
  • Well.. SMM doesnt have a great track record.. the parylene coated magnets all fail.. the TiN coated nearly all fail (I read something the other day where someone said theirs hasn't yet. Give it time.) One bad coating over another doesnt really sell …
  • What's cool is that I guess triacetate melts.. I won't have the it..the materials I need until next week but you should be able mix and blend it.. and without the toxicity needed for rayon.. cause fuck that.
  • Sweet. Totally. Yeah, I was playing around with something similar. Cellulase enzymes make it a breeze to turn into goo. I've then cross linked them back into sheets. Not nearly as strong of course. But they're pretty. They look like how csf fluid dr…
  • has magnets for sale.
  • Does anyone still sell them?
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  • Interestingly enough, lidocaine can be autoclaved. I don't like the idea myself but it isn't inactivated and this is performed in many countries with a lack of availability. Keep in mind autoclaving fluids is different from tools. You have to get t…
  • Also, do you know what an instapot is? It's an electric pressure cooker and they work great as autoclaves. You just need to but a little rack for inside so the tools aren't sitting in water
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  • Yeah. Sorry dude. No one would take that risk on themselves. They'll still be around when you're 18.
  • While you can buy stuff like reagent grade powders on amazon, topical lidocaine does work. The best way to use it is to apply generously, wrap it in cellophane or a similar thin wrap and then leave it for an hour to an hour and a half. You have to u…
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  • I've tried out stainless implants to facilitate muscle contraction. Some of the signal would leak across skin and hurt like hell.
  • I think an easier solution would be to figure out how to make your own conductive gel. Metal plates work fine unless you're trying for active electrodes. I'm sure you could mod the open eeg projects active electrodes to work this way.
  • Ok, so I was 50/50 about my tone on the previous responses. I'm going to even cut this response and turn it into a thread altogether because I think it has more global importance. Even spoke to a mod regarding appropriateness as I'm not great with i…