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  • what about buying a PMK [pain management kit]?
  • i used lido when i implanted my magnet, worked like a charm. i think its a pretty much a must if you are implanting yourself. but when you say "left over" i hope you mean an unused ampule still sealed...
  • besides, wont the magnets feel each other most of the time?
  • i just wanted to say that i used this video as a guideline when i did my own implant. the implant went smoothly and painlessly (and with very little bleeding). and so far, its healing really nicely, no pain/inflammation/sensation loss in the finge…
  • i did my first implant a week ago, in my pinky. i can offer my 2 cents: first, even if you plan on 10 magnet fingers, do it 1 at a time and take your time with it... you wont be able to function properly with 10 bandaged fingers ( or performing …
  • well, yesterday i got fed up with the little piece of crystallized glue over the cut, it was loose enough that i had to pay special attention not to snag it accidentally and pull the cut open. boiled some water added soap, and when it was cool en…
  • Well, i did mine 2 days ago, my 2 cents on the this is: I did it to myself, and for me a straight cut was more comfortable while trying to avoid vains and such. If you are like me, and have no prior experience cutting human flesh with a scalp…