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  • It seems that this is a more psychological problem than a biological one. I'd recommend a few sessions with a sex therapist to help deal with the trauma directly
  • monthly ketamine injections have been shown to be effective for severe anxiety and depression. Just look up ketamine therapy, we got places all over florida
  • I'd recommend looking into what's called a commitment contract. Basically you make a deal with someone you trust to penalize you when you don't do something. The penalty should be worse than the activity so that the short term consequences will forc…
  • None, but I'm very fascinated by sensory augmentation, so I decided I'd give myself a side project. Figured worse case scenario I end up learning a useful skill
  • Thanks for the heads up. Honestly I don't have any specific information in mind, I'm hoping to design an interface that can be easily repurposed for different data sets
  • Found some 2 mm thick vibration motors on that might work. Should be useful for any other projects that require compact vibrating components so I'll link it here.
  • I'm looking for something that I can wire into an external processor like an arduino or solder onto a wire for a headphone jack. End goal is a programmable haptic interface.