Is the m36 magnet too big for a ring finger ?

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At first I wanted to get a m31, but since I heard some people have
lifting problems with the m31s, I changed my mind. I grindered a piece
of metal to get an idea of how the m36 would fit in my right ring
finger, and it looked fine, but I heard some people say the m36 are made
to be implanted in the sides of your hands. Would it be really too big to be implanted in an average ring finger ? I would like to get the strongest magnet that can be implanted in a finger. Do any of you have a m36 in a finger ? And are your m31s really that weak ?


  • The m31 "strength" debate continues! These are not for picking things up. They are tiny implants specifically for sensation. They aren't weak, they are specialized.

    The m63/36/whatever we're calling them, are in preorder. So nobody has one.
  • Yeah I got it. I already ordered an m31, I think it's gonna be fine as a first try. Thanks for your answer though
  • Bro. Do your magnets even lift?
  • I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out the best way to respond to that. Double down, ascii bro fist, have the mods ban you from the board... at the end of the day, heh, it was still funny.

    magnet fist bump.
  • Magnet fist bump? Are you stuck?
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