So I got my inplant finally! But...

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So I just had my m31 put in to my left ring finger! Overall it wasn't to bad, the lidocain injection was probably the worst part actually(I'm kinda bad with needles) but once that was done, the piercer waited about five minutes and then started cutting. i have to give some mad props to Warlock tattoo

The lido must still be wearing off as I'm sitting here typing out this thread 3 hours later(not using that finger) and I have zero pain. One thing that bugs me is that I cant pick anything up, like not even a paperclip, I know I know, I only tried once ok! I wont mess with it any more! But that was a bit of a letdown. Could it be that there is just to much swelling? Or is it probably too deep? Too deep was my first thought, but what do you guys think?



  • It could be the swelling. Because there is a foreign object in you, the swelling works both ways. It swells up, making a visible bump out of your hand, but it also swells down, pushing the magnet in a little bit. When the swelling goes down and scar tissue forms around the magnet, it'll rest just a tad higher and it'll have less tissue in the way of magnet-ifying. That really doesn't look swollen at all though, was the picture right after the procedure? Has it gotten any bigger?
  • That picture was taken after about 2 1/2 hours, and just as a heads up there is no discernible bump or bulge where the magnet is.

    The piercer got the magnet a little closer to the center of my finger pad then I wanted, would it be advised to carefully move it back with a second magnet? Or just leave it? God I sound like such a noob now, but it is really much more stressful when its your own finger thats on the line! I know every case is diffrent So I just figured I'd ask.
  • @Cassox Do you think maybe it's in too deep? I'm not a pro in digital implants.

    Don't panic, I'm just asking the expert. Did you get the magnet and lido from Dangerous Things?
  • Me panic? Ha. (Shut up Glims) Well, here's the thing. An M31 is 3mm in diameter. Unless you have very large fingers, then that incision point is a bit closer to center then I'd recommend. For those sutures to be there, I know the mag edge is at least 4mm medial. I'm also slightly confused by that suture. Is it a running suture, or did he make three separate knots? And what material is it?

    Also, please tell me he didn't flame the magnet, or autoclave it or basically get it hot in any way?

    Now, that stuff aside... yeah, just wait on it. Magnet fields are strange and fall off so rapidly that a single mm of swelling can prevent your mag from picking up even minor things. Give it 2 weeks to heal and I'd bet you won't have an issue.
  • @Cassox he made three separate knots, yeah I wasn't paying very close attention when he did it as I was talking with another guy in the room about the circadia implant they saw a couple months ago.

    And I made absolutely sure that he didn't autoclave it, he did a cold soak in some solution I can't remember the name of which took about ten minutes.

    I will say, my piercer took a look at the dangersthings website and he was not happy with there business model /mission statement AT ALL. I've never actually read that stuff as I knew what I was doing when I got my magnet, but is there something wrong with the way that site is run? I know they sell good stuff so I'm not bashing it, but it's an interesting point he brings up. He said the way the tell people to approach piercers us wrong and really shady, and that their warnings with their products won't protect anyone, piercer or website, from a lawsuit. Just an intresting point.
  • Nah, pro piercers just have this thing where they feel like their "art" is kinda special and that people shouldn't be doing things on their own. Most piercers that we have dealt with have this whole "we're professionals so don't question our ways" thing going on.

    Amal has been doing the Dangerous Things bit for a long time. He, literally, wrote the book on rfid implants. You'd think that if a problem was to be had, it would have happened by now.

    Haters gonna hate.
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    Update, so I've had this thing in me for 27 hours now and all I can say is its amazing! About an hour ago I turned on the microwave and thought "what the heck, let me see if I can feel anything!" And I could feel a feint sensation! It was really weird, almost like a buzzing feeling but not quite.

    So out of curiosity I go around trying to feel other stuff, nothing. Until I turn on a small fluorescent tube light on my desk, which just about scared the crap out of me! That was a STRONG field! It was awesome, there was a paper thin line that if I crossed, I could feel a not quite constant popping, buzzing sensation. I have only felt something similar when being shocked by electricity during my electronics work So it scared me a little at first, but it felt really cool!

    Anyway, I didn't play with it for too long, maybe a minute tops, but I didn't expect to feel anything so quickly! And that feeling is so damn cool!

  • I'm kind of confused by what I'm seeing. Are the sutures out? Is that some kind of ointment on the wound site? Not trying to be critical or anything. It just looks a tad brutal.

  • @Cassox , sorry for the slow reply, no the sutures are still in, The swelling has just gone down a good bit, I had covered it in some antibiotic ointment earlier that day so it did look a little nasty in the picture.
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