BioThermo Implant

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Stitches on my BioThermo implant came out on Friday - so now the experiment begins. 
Over the next month or so I'll be testing how accurately this 134kHz microchip records my body temperature. Fingers crossed.
Location-wise, it's now living in my upper arm, based on discussions with a medical professional and Verichip's preferred implant site.
All up, it's cost me about $125 - including the chip, my piercer's implant fee and a suitable reader.



  • Awesome! Gotta love the pet industry.

    How often do you think you'll be scanning? Have you thought about putting together a wearable for constant logging? Perhaps a little armband.

    I've been meaning to start collecting this data for a while now. Where did you buy yours? A cursory search brings up
  • That was one site I looked at. They're cheapest in Romania but I bought mine from Sagebrush Tags.
    Creation of a human-friendly reader - something far more practical - has also been proposed. The unit I got works quickly and has a large read range but is far too clunky for everyday use. 
    I'm going to be scanning once or twice a day for starters and comparing that information with a digital thermometer reading.
    BioThermo chips always read several degrees out in horses so they're not 100% accurate in some species. Soon we'll find out how well they work in humans.

  • This is pretty cool, I'll have to keep following your results throughout the next month! I'd be interested to see how accurate your readings are. As a diabetic it pays to keep an eye on things like body temperature for signs of illness, or possibly even a change in blood sugar levels (not an accurate glucose reading, but rather I get hot and clammy when my sugars are low, etc), so I might play copycat if it goes well for you!
  • drew I'm currently building a more human friendly reader for these chips, it will send data to your smartphone, and the form factor will be more convenient.
  • This is awesome. Please keep us posted @kjwx! Is there an external link where you will be recording the data, or just here?

    @ammonRa great idea!
  • Any update on the status of this project? I'd LOVE to add this to the next thing on my list. Even if it's off by a small, but by a consistent amount, I could still get a ton of use out of it.
    Especially now that it's that time of year in the northeast where I can't tell if the heating system is adjusting or I'm genuinely feverish :)
  • @BirdMachine I've got a whole box of the biotherm chips, and have sent some to SfM's lab (cassox and glims) and am paying them to do testing on the chips, they are also trialling the chip in a different area of the body, i.e. not the hand where most RFID chips are implanted, and I'm still working on a better reader form factor.

    But I too would be interested to hear how kjwx's implant is going.

  • AmmonRa How much are you selling your biothermo chips? I would like to get one, and you have a box, so I think they will be cheaper.
  • @Jack_Sylvane I've sent you a PM with details.
  • @Jack_Sylvane we are now also selling biotherm chips at
  • And just a few days before payday. Nice! :) I'll need to dig up a reader; seems like that'll be an easy enough find though. Is there a specific placement that works best with this chip so far? I'm thinking I might aim for upper arm, or maybe closer to the armpit? 
  • Yeah I'm thinking about trying the underarm up near the armpit, basically where you might hold a thermometer if you were taking an armpit measurement. With the arm down it should retain a stable and reliable delta that is close to core temp.
  • I'm not really sure what kind of range your reader gets, but will you be able to get a reader close enough to reach an RFID, with your arm down?
  • @TheGreyKnight, my Halo reader (same as the one pictured in this thread) has a range of five to six inches with my bio-thermo chip, so I believe you would have no issues.
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