EEG/BCI headbands

I been looking into some sort of wearable head item (headband, hat, etc.) to be used as a BCI? Anyone have any ideas? I've found two so far:

Muse is the only that has a SDK for third party development, which is a must. Again, anyone know of anything else like this? General thoughts?


  • It depends on how much you're willing to spend. One of the better ones, the emotiv epoc has the most channels, but is bloody expensive. That said the same company if memory serves will be putting out a new model shortly. Really it depends on what you want to do with it.
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    If I went with Emotiv it would have to be the EPOC+ or Insight since they have bluetooth but the Insight isn't out right now. Also is the SDK free? It almost doesn't seem like it. The full SDK (to read raw EEG data) is an additional $300 USD. Bringing the total to 800 (for the EPOC+ and full SDK), which is more than I can afford right now.

    Some general things I'd like to do with are monitoring my brain under certain conditions and being able to control digital devices (like my computer).

    Update: after a few more hours of research I've decided to make my own.
  • An emotiv SDK is actually available online. It's not official, but someone managed to reverse engineer the system for linux

    there's also openvibe for windows, which I admit I have not tried

    It takes some futzing and I'm still fighting a bit on the linix side, but I managed to get a reading from mine with no expensive software. You will need to make some minor tweaks in the source code (A vendor name change... I can dig up deets after work today), but it's doable. I haven't been able to get the demos to work yet in either python or c, but it's an ongoing process (eventual goal is to have it control a wearable Pi with a small screen in my peripheral vision)
  • @BirdMachine do you have the EPOC or EPOC+? How do you like it? Python and C were two languages I wanted to use so that's not a good sign.

    I can make a 16 channel BCI based off open hardware and OSS for, at most, the price of EPOC+ and full SDK. Plus since my device would be open I'd eventually be able to upgrade to 32 channel.
  • We used obenvibe for our NIR project. It needs a little wiggling, but we got it running on variety systems and even in virtual machines. The learning curve is steep, but once you get the grip on it, it's fairly simple to do many things.

  • EPOC, version 1.0. Found it lying around my company's office, and got the ok to break it out and tinker with it :) I've been enjoying it, but time-wise I've only been really able to make progress over lunch breaks (Since it's technically my company’s, and not mine to bring home.)

    If all goes well, apparently there are ways to make it work on ye ole Nokia n900, too. Mobile EEG scanning workstation? Yes please!
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