Implantable Bitcoin Storage And Hearing Wi-Fi

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  • This is an interesting idea in theory but I think it doesn't work well in the real world. This would kinda be like implanting a cold wallet inside of you. It would be better if it was an active wallet that you could use whenever you wanted.
    Also it's not so much a "wallet" as it is the private key to the specific address.  Because of limitations of storage size you would only be able to hold a few keys (ignoring mini keys).

    I do kinda like the idea of using NFC to store AES keys though. 
  • I am actually a bit iffy about using implantables as keys to things that are actually important. Do you want to lose a hand? Because that's how you lose a hand...

    The phantomterrains guy is @Frank unless I am mistaken. He could tell you more about his project. Maybe collab.

    Also, why does it always come down to magnets? Geez people, let's starting about some two way neuromuscular interface already. We've been kicking this preciosity thing around on the Slack board for a bit. I feel like a little more activity from you hardware guys could get the first model up and running. Cassox already said he'd build it once the design is done, and I'll biocoat and test it....
  • @glims EE requirements? What do you need built?
  • Hop on slack and check out the thread. Thomas did a pretty great outline a while back. There has been a slow discussion about moving forward. Basically, I think we are actually ready to get going once someone basically puts the design up... Take a look and we can talk in person in a few weeks

  • I also saw an article about , a hearing aid that lets you hear wi-fi.Is this related to the electromagnetic fields you can sense with an implanted magnet? Maybe we could try to engineer our own versions (with on-off switches, because that'd get annoying fast) to play around with, possibly more magnet-based ones.


    Phantom Terrains was built by me and sound artist Daniel Jones. The system runs on a hacked iPhone and streams a WiFi sonification to my hearing aids (Starkey Halos) where it is mixed with the normal output. Feel free to fire any questions you have at me.
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