grindfest flashmob for dazzle *does jazz hands*



  • @BirdMachine I can't take much time off from work, and since I have to fly half way around the word to get there, time will be sort. so I'll be driving up first thing on the morning of the 3rd and back late the next day... you're welcome to get a ride with me, but I can't really take the extra time to be there the day before, otherwise I would.
  • @AlexSmith where are you guys located. Perhaps I should start a thread for an east coast grinderfest. Grindhouse is out of Pittsburgh so if you guys are near the north east coast might be easier to organize that if for some reason you can make this one.
  • TimmyCNinja Based in Australia, so east coast vs west coast of the US doesn't make much difference for me. although since SfM is based in Cali, that's where I'll be heading whenever I'm in the US. 
  • Oh dang, yeah that's quite a trip! Yeah no worries if you're not en route the same day as me. Worst comes to worst, I'll rent a car for a few days :)
  • NuclearFantasies detroit is only like five hours away by car. @BirdMachine You can get a round trip flight from boston to the burgh for like $100 Obviously this meet up is still going to be awesome, and I will be there for it, but we should plan something in the next month or two for the NE/MW region.

    @AlexSmith where in Australia, we have a grindhouse member in Brisbane
  • @TimmyCNinja Melbourne, but I travel to other cities from time to time, I'll let you know when I'm heading to Brisbane.
  • Oh, I love surprises.

    I am super jealous of folk able to attend.

    A bunch of very excited, optimistic, futuristic, barely wounded, newly augmented, mildly demented biohackers with booze and karaoke and maybe some other cool stuff. 

    Sounds like my kind of party. 

    Hey @AlexSmith, I am from Melbourne too, but not nearly so affluent as to get my passport stamped for such an event. If there is some new stuff available at the flashdazzle grindmob event, could you bring something back for this lady?

    I am prepared to pay at-cost or less, in unreliable installments, and share mildly disturbing images of new mods. What say you? 

    To everybody else, I am also prepared to offer this sweet deal, and my hope that the event proves to be as excellent, weird, fun, educational, inspirational and silly as I imagine it will be.

    I reckon the videos recorded at the event will be hilarious.

  • @spiltwine ok, I'm not sure if there will be any new mods at the meet up, but I've got a couple of interesting things what will be available in the not too distant future. watch this forum for details.
  • I'm pretty pumped about this.

    For those of us who are trying to sort out travel/work arrangements, is there a more specific time the shenanigans will begin/end?  When should we show up, and when do we get the boot?
  • The 3rd and the 4th are primary shenanigan days. Showing up before that is ok, but we here at the house will be very busy. Getting the boot is more left open for interpretation. In theory, if you contribute to the house and the works, you don't need to leave ever. We'll build you a little dome out in the acreage for your stuff.. :D
  • How are accommodations looking? Space enough on the couch or should people look into booking rooms?
  • I may have mentioned this before in bits and pieces but let me lay it all out in one post:

    We have a great futon and a big ass living room, That means there is room there. Bring a sleeping bag and you're set. Just make sure you like cats. They will sleep on you (rough, I know). We also have a big kitchen, bbq, five acres to roll around in like a puppy, and of course the work space.
    On the other hand, the town is 10 min away and has 3 really great hotels. I'm sure if y'all pooled some cash you guys could get some double bed action and live it up.
    I'm 90% sure that the people who aren't SfM mentioned at the top of this thread are going to have some hotel rooms, but I am unsure how much they will actually get used. The last time we all hung out, we had 3 rooms and only used 1.5 (@Amal had an early flight)

    I personally want people to crash here, save their hotel monies, chip in on resources like food and toilet paper or whatever, and have a great time. A hotel room runs you about 100 bucks, right? Save that cash, chip in on bbq and resources and save yourself a pile of cash. One way or another we'll make it work. I haven't heard anyone say they want couchspace so I guess when y'all show up you can hash it out then.
  • @glims I'm probably bringing a friend from down under with me, we will both want to stay at your place.
  • @glims. Sounds rad! I'll also want a place on the floor, assuming i can get the days off of the job I haven't even started at yet, hah. I'll definitely keep you updated.
  • so 3rd and 4th for SURE right? cuz ineed to ask for days off in advance. also if it costs me my job i'm coming. this has the makings of an epic occasion  and i'm not missing out!
  • Hahaha @glims.

    I fear you made a grave mistake by encouraging uptake of free accommodation and bbq events on a forum frequented by Australians.

  • Dibs the couch.
  • I will show you the BBQ of my peoples. Let's all cook together!
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    I am cool with the floor as well, if you recall :P
  • I'm fine with the floor, or outside on the ground. 
  • Hahaha no reason to get that extreme. However, there is a lot of space and it is beautious out here. Bring a tent if you are in to that sort of thing.
  • /me is also fine with just the floor, or the rental car I'll be driving.
  • omg people. lets stop talking about sleeping in cars or out in the field...
  • Good news, got the clear for 3/2-3/5 off, so I can have a bit of wiggle room in my travel plans (plus time to deal with jet lag). I couldn't find nonstop to Bakersfield or Burbank, but from LAX I can hitch a transport to Union station, grab a train up to Lancaster, and then a bus to get me through to Tehachapi. 12 solid hours of travel, and I'll be in town! Probably on the 2nd, so I don't lose any time on the 3rd to the whims of transportation. But I have no problem keeping out of the way / helping prep if I can!
  • Oh by the way. has everybody seen Repo the genetic opera? 
    if y'all wanted i could bring it over to watch... 
  • My group will be a little late. We'll probably arrive around 7-7:30pm on the 4th.
  • no worries. we'll see you then.
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    As we approach the hang out time, let me get some quick infos out of the way.

    Remember that we live in a small rural community. No tearing up the ol' dirt roads (10mph on dirt plz) and keep your shit chill. The neighbors will remember and they have guns. Keep your eyes out for dogs, cats, coyotes, deer, and tourists. People who consume EtOH will have their keys taken.

    It's getting hot and dry here. It's currently 20degC (~66F) and chance of rain is never again till we all die. Keep fire to an absolute min. If you smoke, we will have cans with dirt and you need to keep it segregated. Open flames outside of the smoking area will be met with a splash of whatever I have in my hand, regardless if the fire is in your face or not.

    There is absolutely no smoking or eating in or around the lab area.

    It's 105 in the greenhouse. Use some sense if you go in there.

    We have 4 cats and a special door system so that they don't get outside and get et by owls or coyotes. We may lock them up. If you release a cat, Cass will remove your head from your body. I will hold you down.

    Bring water, bring booze, bring spf9000 and a hat. People gunning for heat stroke will be hit with a hose. Donations for BBQ will be met with positive feedback. Bring all your hardware. There is one anemic RadioShack and a HomeDepot. If you run out of something, you may be out of luck.

    No open toed shoes in the lab area. That includes socks with sandles -_- Actually, let's just go with no socks with sandles ever...

    The address once again is:
    [address removed for privacy reasons]
  • Man this sounds cool! If there is another meeting sometime I'll have to see about attending. I am planning a trip out to San Fransisco sometime next year... hmm, I smell a side stop!
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    Cool - just for headcount purposes, I'll be coming down from SF with three others. My cousin and one of his friends are planning on coming down as well.

    I'll be bring an Oculus Rift for shits and giggles. 
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