Anyone in the NC area?

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Well I've now started looking a body mod artist to do a magnet implant for me, and as the title says, is there anyone around the NC area? And if so do you have any suggestions as to a good place to go? 

I'm sure that many of you are thinking "just do it yourself!" and I will if I absolutely must, but I would much rather have someone with experience and skill cut into me instead of doing it myself and possibly screwing everything up. 



    In our wiki is the location of all of our known body modders currently.
  • If you don't see any one near you on the list, you could email around some local shops to see if someone knows someone. That's how I found mine. Just check that they've done this sort of thing before :) 
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    I already looked at the link but thank you Proxy, and I meant this more for other grinders around the area. If I cant find a professional to do it, then I would rather have a forum member who has implanted one before do it.

    And yes I know that the body mod artists can't use anesthesia, and I would never want to be put to sleep for such an operation as this, but can they do a digital nerve block? I never quite understood which category lidocaine fell into.
  • @Avanthus if you do find a peircer in the NC area please update the wiki. Lidocaine is TECHNICALLY illegal. Some places may offer is you are in the know or what have you. As always anyone that wants to make a weekend out of it can come to Pittsburgh, we can get your magnets in and we can play and build stuff.

    I am going to close the thread however since it is the kind of thing that should be in the wiki. Plus it has been asked and answered at this point. :)

    I also know people in the body mod scene all over some I will put out feelers in NC and If I find someone I will update the wiki and send you a direct message.
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