Community Skype Meeting Tonight!!!

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Whats up everyone. We will be holding a meeting on community tools and resources and how to improve them tonight(wednesday) @ 9p EST. Anyone that would like to show up PLEASE DO. The more people we have the better.

If you don't show up you are dead to me. :P 

See you tonight!


  • Shall we start forming the group?
  • Everyone re-up their skype names so we aren't tripping through multiple threads.

  • timothy.s.cannon
  • I'll be there, but there's a good chance I'll be kinda late. More things came up. It's never a boring day.

    TiniestFinch :)

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    Ok I am officially an old man. All i could think was "Who's busy at 9 o clock on Wednesday, grumble grumble, damn kids with your skateboards and rock n roll haircuts"
  • Me on a skateboard would keep me tied up at 9 PM on a Wednesday. Because I'd be in the hospital after an unfortunate but no doubt hilarious mishap with it :) Nah, some family stuff came up that I should be there for. Not 100% on the timing and when I'll have stable wifi again. But hell or high water I'll make it for at least the later half.
  • I'll probably be a few minutes late, because I finish lab half an hour prior.
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    so who's hosting the call?
  • Good question. Not I. 
  • thanatos.umbra
  • Oh, and my ruddy microphone may or may not decide to work. It has a nasty habit of unplugging itself, and it takes a full shutdown-disassemble-reboot to fix.

  • And we are T-Minus 4 minutes to launch.
  • snap. there i was planning to participate but then my body went fubar and i spend full 17h of sleep in broad daylight to get healthy again. totaly missed everything. any transcripts available?
  • see the google doc in the other thread. closest you'll get. the short version: the whole site needs an overhaul. nuking the wiki and starting fresh. proper subforums and moderators to enforce people putting things where they go. death to threads about magnets unless you've come up with something revolutionary. violators will be violated :P the wiki itself will be built up such that people can get into grinding without having to ask the same questions a million times in threads and people will be redirected to it if they try
  • I vote separate category, for now.
  • i vote we make a more robust infrastructure for document sorting and then sort the documents.

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