Weather Wear

I an industrial design student and interested in developing a range of wearables/implantables that give people increased sensitivity to extreme weather patterns/ events in the same way that animals supposedly have. There are a couple of theories as to how animals do this; some suggest they have an increased sensitivity for infrasonic frequencies (below 20 Hz), the frequency given of by earthquake shocks, tidal waves, thunderstorms etc. Second that they have increased sensitivity to barometric (air) pressure fluctuations which precede changes in weather. 

I was wondering if anybody knows of work being done in this area or had any ideas of how this could be achieved?


  • Quick, cheap, and easy?  

    Controller and infrasound (coupled with an appropriate transducer):

    Use any haptics, an rgb led in the frame of a pair of sunglasses, etc. for output.  A pretty short session writing up the Arduino sketch and voila!

    Oh, and I like to use portable cell phone chargers as batteries.  Saves time and effort over building your own battery pack, and thanks to economies of scale it's usually cheaper anyway.  If, in the future, you need a push button and quick discharge, vape pens (just the battery unit, forget the atomizer and tank) are neat.  I'm using one of these ( ) for a power supply on two different projects right now.  Got 'em locally at a "black friday" sale for $14 each and they don't need separate chargers like a lot of vape pens.
  • Thanks Doc.
    I'm new to this so my knowledge of good suppliers are pretty limited.
    As far as implantables go would you suggest an implantable and an external element to interact with it? I've seen some of the magnet implantable experiments they are doing over at Grindhouse Wetware where they use a second component to get information such as letting them 'see' where an object is when they are blindfolded. The problem with this is once you add an outside component you may as well just have a smart watch to give you this information without bothering with the whole gory insert something into your body business. Having an external component detracts from the idea of having an augmented self although I guess it makes it easier to give a single implant multiple functions. 

    I am also curious about other haptic feedback methods aside from magnet implantables. Do you know of any experimentation with pressure or heat feedback as opposed to vibrations? Or potentially a mild electric current between two points under the skin? That is the idea I am most attracted to as I can imagine it would be quite a unique sensation and so be pushing more on sense augmentation although I realise it is still just the stimulation of nerve endings.  
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