Nerve block location

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I implanted an NTAG (Video Link) a couple weeks back. My next item will be an M31 implant in my ring finger. I've been experimenting with lidocaine injections to determine the best locations and amounts for an effective pain block.  

I tried the tendon sheath site which was relatively effective. But ended up with tenosynovitis for a week after that.  Webbing works alright, but takes more than 2ml on each side for an effective block.  

I found another effective area, but haven't found any info related to it.  Basically 0.5 - 1ml of lidocaine on each side of the median of the finger seems to be effective for about 15 minutes of complete blocking of the fingertip.  

Anyone know of any downsides to this location?  


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  • Yup. Cassox's guide is great, and his videos on YouTube too.  That was the second method I used. 

    I was just curious if I could find a method that would work better for me. 
  • I totally get where you're coming from. I had to end up doing some non standard injections in the last implant i did to get the lido to work. Tbh, for a medium sized hand, I end up using about 6ml of lido. It varies form person to person, and while I don't know anyone who ended up with your issue, it totally seems like a thing that could happen. I mean, you are stabbing your hand repeatedly and filling it with fluid....

    I personally use a combination of nerve block and a bit of local, just to top it off. 1ml in the webbing on both sides, .5 along the side of the finger, and then a bit more in the tip if needed. That way things are more diffuse. ymmv.,
  • I've been wondering about this sort of thing for a while now, being as I know very little about the inner arrangement of the hand...What happens if you actually shove the needle into/through a nerve? Or a tendon sheath or something? Or what if you use too much lidocaine, can it cause damage to the nerves? I'm way too cautious to go injecting myself without knowing a lot more than I do...
  • Thanks @glims.  That's pretty much the conclusion I'm going to as well.  

    I ended up doing a lot of research before starting with the injections. Basically the two big things to worry about is injecting directly into a vein (always aspirate to check first). And using too much lidocaine (more than 3mg/kg).  

    And a good general rule of thumb, is if it hurts more than a pinch. It's not a good place.  
  • Well, the needle going in may only hurt a pinch, ;but putting 1ml of lido in to an area can sometimes burn a bit at first. 
  • I used about a millileter in each of three injections as shown in cassox's page. Worked great for me couldn't feel a thing
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