Retractable implant?



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    I've got an idea that might be able to significantly reduce the size of the guage necessary. The piercing itself might become a bit dodgy, and maybe require some assembly to use. I'll sketch something up and post it. Should reduce the pre-"assembly" diameter to 1/4 of what it was. 
  • Ok modeled a version of this to make it was smaller. the main body can be extended as long as u like to make either an industrial or a regular piercing. it's a 10 gauge piercing so not huge.

  • That works too. 
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    I hate to be a buzz kill, but SOP is to cuff folks behind their backs.  Try reaching your ear from there. Also, sliding one's legs through cuffed hands isn't the easiest maneuver. So, I'd either refocus efforts on the skin pocket, which would also prove useful for so many other augmentation projects, or make a bracelet or ring which hides a key, pick, or shim. I've seen them in security training before. Some are even commercially available. Authorities are sometimes trained to look for these sorts of things; however, that being said they are rare and thus often missed due to lack of familiarity.

    Edit: For Example:

    I don't endorse any of the above. Just for demonstration. Now, who is going to help me figure out how to implant some retractable sunglasses?
  • getting your hands to the front when cuffed behind your back depends on the individual, I can 'step' through my cuffed arms with little trouble, but some of my friends find it impossible.
  • True indeed. The ability to perform this maneuver does come down to the individual.  Is why I would shoot for some sort of skin pocket in the hand or wrist somewhere. That way it doesn't matter much in what manner one is handcuffed.
  • Assuming your hands are cuffed behind your back, then would this make your butt the ideal placement for a skin pocket? Obviously some playing around would have to be done to figure out exactly where to put it - you don't want to stab yourself every time you sit down! I'd imagine to the side of your coccyx or the top, outer side of the buttock would be best, but again: sitting down.

    This should make for relatively safe placement, without being noticeable (permissible?) during a stop-search. Reaching this area with either/both hands is easy regardless of which way they're facing when cuffed. I imagine installation would be far less painful and invasive in such a nice, fleshy area too!
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    Yeah, I imagine the butt meats would make a more comfortable place for a skin pocket. I tried several cuff configurations earlier and one place I can consistently reach is the webbing between the index and thumb.  Any thoughts on a skin pocket in this area  or some other method of retrievable implant, anyone?  Maybe just a shim placed under the epidermis? I'm not well versed yet so you fine folks can probably shoot this full of holes.
  • oooh, how often do most of us get cuffed and need to get away? can't be very often. and how important is it to escape? I'm guessing that if you're willing to get implants, it most be quite important.

    so, why not get a small, smooth titanium key/pick made and implant it just under the skin. then when you need to use it, bite/scratch yourself to break the skin and slide out the key.

    would be very simple, totally subdermal, biosafe and almost no chance it will be confiscated when you get cuffed.
  • Sounds like a good method. Kind of a "Break glass in case of emergency" sort of implant.  As far as applications... Well, maybe if we could refine and standardize a method of doing it this could become popular amongst protestors. Shouldn't be outside of the realm for a body mod and piercing specialist, right?  Would like to know the exact dimensions, but what about bioproofing and implanting this:
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    a simple L with a slight curve would work better honestly. i'd have to tinker to get the exact shape but made of titanium it'd be effortless to implant and remove and make a quick escape

    edit: that shive wouldn't work if the cuffs are double locked. nothing short of picking the lock or unlocking it opens a double locked set of cuffs. shives wont work.
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    Fair point. And double locks are becoming common. What about maybe shearing down a key to be flat and removing most of the little ring part so one only has a small tab by which to turn it? I know the key rotates about a peg in the cuff, so removing part of the peg's cup on the key might be problematic, but I think a happy medium between flattened and functional is plausible. On top of that this could be easily done to any key with say a bastard file, sand paper, and polish. Could use a grinder/buffer, but I think cheap.

    Edit: Napkin sketch of what I mean -
  • needs a slight curve or you can't get to the second lock. trust me i've tried. also double locks are standard. they aren't common they're on every pair of police cuffs. just most cops won't use them because a) stupid and b) unless they think you'll be a problem they dont see a point. also the amount of curve u'll need won't be noticeable i imagine so shouldn't affect the implant.
  • What if we mold a key with ptfe and implant it? It could work?

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