Haptic Glove Tester Needed in NYC

Is there anybody with a magnet implant here from NYC who'd be interested interested in helping the New Flesh Workshop test a new haptic glove? I said I'd ask around for the owner. The workshop is in Ridgewood, between Brooklyn and Queens.


  • If your search comes up fruitless, I'm hoping to make my way over there from Boston possibly next month. There's an artist on the DangerousThings partner map out there, and while I plan to DIY my left hand I would rather have a pro handle (har har) my right hand.
  • Sweet, thanks. I'll PM you in a few weeks to see if it pans out.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Let me know when your magnet is implanted, otptheperson ... Not sure how long it will take NFW to build and test their prototype so the timing may yet work out.
  • @kjwx I'm in NYC until Sunday.
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