second skin clothing

hi grinders! my name is le_off, and im a design student. im current researching about second skin tech, because i thing it would be a good pratical aproch to a less invasive biohacking. my ideas revolve around sensory argumentation, pretection, temperature regulation and emotion trasmition. series like continuum show some of the possibilities of this kind of tech, also the stillsuits from dune are a good example.
im curretly located on brazil, and my english is kinda bad, but i really would love some help, ideas and maybe even a partnership if possible. if any of you like what i say, i could elaborete it better too.


  • As far as the suit goes, there are all kinds of skin tight bodysuits on the market - most of them are things like spandex, latex, etc.  If a material has a bit of stretch to it and you can tailor it to the wearer, you can make them out of all sorts of stuff.

    With your Zentai suit (or whatever) in hand, start looking at haptics, wearable devices, etc.  There's a TON of conductive thread and small devices intended for this purpose, although a lot of it tends to be ridiculous, bulky, and not very useful other than just to make a strange fashion statement.

    If you want to go further, well, you're going to have to do some diy.  It really depends on what you want to do.  If you're looking at making something like a stillsuit, do some research on selectively permeable membranes, sweat gland concentrations, and I'd suggest looking at how the lymphatic system moves fluid since it is pretty much passive.  After that, select your components that are going to be against the skin and then look into specific bodysuit materials that are going to be suited (pun intended) to your purpose and materials.

    Same basic idea for anything else.  Figure out the materials and layout that fits your main function, and then worry about the suit itself. Just keep in mind flexibility, comfort, etc. when working out how the thing is going to function.
  • thanks for you reply DocMorbid, and the fact that people are starting to use second skin type of clothing makes me think that it would be easy to introduce a clothing that you always weare, that protects from the sun and such. i was thinking on something less weird than a zentai suit ashash more on the likes of what microsoft showed on a video a year ago i think,
    do you know anything about eletrical stimulation on skin? i would like to make the suit capable of passing info to you using the skin, almost like a smr type o sensation
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