Effect of magnet on circulatory system?

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Hi guys, first post here on biohack. was thinking after reading up on implants & looking for magnets and wondered if having a magnet implanted could possibly cause iron in the blood stream to gather at finger tip. this thought occurred to me while trying to decide between coatings and thinking of exposure variables. I suppose it comes down to quantity of iron in blood & pressure of circulatory system vs strength of magnet. any thoughts?


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    But my guess is that the iron in blood is bonded with oxygen, so it's not free to gether in one place and is not as magnetically active as free iron.
  • The iron in your blood isn't just free-floating ions, it's a single atom in the middle of a comparatively big molecule. Magnets don't have any effects on that. They could affect other ions in your bloodstream potentially, but I can't think of anything off the top of my head that would be worth considering. They are more interesting with regard to nerve tissue than with blood.
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    Magnets of any man-made strength won't do that. Otherwise MRI machines would pull blood out of people.
    You'd either need to be close to a magnetar (a neutron star with an extremely strong magnetic field), or find Magneto.
    The first has enough magnetic pull to pull blood out of you just because of its iron content. The latter too, though I think no one researched how he can do it with his mind...
    Also, some magic rings sellers claim that their rings magnetize blood which is supposed to cause it to be superhealthy...

    Seriously though, any iron (or other element) buildup (indicated by browning/'tanning' of skin area) in fingertip after implantation of a magnet could only conceivably be a sign of a leaky, breaking down implant. Other cause could be if after surgery a hematoma developed (a 'blister' filled with blood) around the implant, if not infected it'd, after time, dissipate possibly leaving a brownish colour in the scar area from haemosiderin (iron-containing leftovers after blood hemoglobin breakdown) which can't be cleaned up efficiently by the organism.
  • I think that those "magic magnetic rings" work by altering the electromagnetic field of the body, rather than magnetizing the blood.

    However, I have heard about a pretty weird effect that occurs when water is extracted from deep in the earth. Apparently, it's become slightly magnetic, but the charge disappears 24 hours after extraction. I don't have the article on me at the moment, but I'll see if I can find it.

    Also, remember that water does other weird things around magnets. These effects only manifest around extremely powerful magnets, though.
  •  TheGreyKnight  I read about a guy selling magnetic water, he had some videos where he did "tricks" with it.
    Shaedlaer  Magneto could take your blood out, on Xmen2 he did it 
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