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  • I have _some_ knowledge about CAD with Autodesk Inventor, but that's more mechanical stuff.
    (This is what I did with Inventor:
  • depending on what you need help with i have a few resources i can pool into this printing project. i am stretched kinda thin at work as of late but hit me up via pm if you guys need anything
  • Any update on the printer yet?
  • Yes. Basically, Glims had limited workspace amongst other issues. The Printer will be in my hands in two weeks and assembled at that point.
  • yeah, sorry guys. im right in the middle of a move down to california and it's kinda reduced my ability to focus on multiple projects.
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    So, turns out that re-sizing your window causes you to lose your txt.... -_-

    Now y'all get the terse, i've typed this 3 times version

    Printer is basically ready.  Beta hardware means that there isn't actually a functional instruction set. Very sorry. Figured it out.

    Need someone to make models

    despite it's looks, it is a fully functional death star. ok no, it just shoots lasers into a cup of goo. but you get the drift..

    you get a picture when imgr stops giving me grief or when i can add an image without needing a url.

    tl;dr we need someone to make models of fingertips. any takers?

  • What res do the fingerprints need to be? Also is the idea to just build a raised flat surface with someones fingerprint on it or is it meant to curve to the hand? Im a bit swamped with classes starting but I have dedicated sunday as lab day so I may be able to give it a go.
  • we were going for tips. as in, things you could put on.

  • In theory yes you could, in fact they may prove useful to form the finished model around to make sure it's mostly the right shape. Basically the way to do it would be to make a flat raised version of the fingerprint, bend the model around the bottom half of the finger so it's the proper shape then add a top. The models you posted could literally be cut in half, the bottom half flattened and patterned then reassembled. So if a few fingerprint files could be uploaded ill tinker with this over the next week or so and see what i can make work. fingerprints are fairly complicated though so may take more time for the first few until im used to it.
  • Ok so im starting to work on the fingerprints but i need a fingerprint file to work on. I don't want to use my own because I don't want a copy of my prints available online :P so first person to pm a set of prints ill give it a try and see what i come up with. it seems that the program im using may be able to do this very quickly so once i have the technique down i could in theory do a whole set of prints in an hour. but the first few will take some time as i learn and play with it.
  • jack may have added at least one of his to this thread early on.
    i have more on file if you need. pm me you email and i will get them to you.

  • drjaaz If you want I can send the files of my prints
  • glims already sent me a set that im tinkering with. once i get the process worked out ill take more. far as i can tell if i can get this working i can get a set of prints done in no more than 10 minutes. however the program is being stupid atm so it's taking a while to work out the kinks.
  • ok so here's what i've got so far. i can turn the prints into a flat based 3d model. all that's left is to bend that into finger shape and add a cap. this is of course easier said than done but either way step in the right direction. i've got the kinks worked out so i can get to this point in about a minute.  the rest needs work. i'll keep you posted. also gonna upload the 3d file in a bit for anyone wanting to tinker

  • i approve this message

  • WOW My prints look awesome! You are really talented 
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    turns out i have to switch to a different program because the one i have doesn't translate well into 3d printing format. also to rendeer something like this takes a whole shitload of cpu and gpu. so once i transfer over and adjust i should be able to pump these out. That said im glad you like it :)
  • That does look phenomenal. Thanks @drjaaz, for taking the reigns.
  • np, won't have much time to work on them this week cause school eats my time but i'll see what i can do. if i get good at this id eb able to do a set in a few minutes. 
  • This is awesome, but if you're only looking for fingerprints you can use the photogravure method.  Down and dirty explanation is that you lift the prints to be duplicated, use the photographic/etching process known as photogravure to etch the prints onto a copper plate, and then apply latex, gelatin, or whatever material to the plate to create the prints.

    This was used years ago to demonstrate a weakness in biometric password controls.  The first demo was done with latex fingerprints bonded to a glove.  The next one was on a unit that checked galvanic response to ensure that this wasn't done, so gelatin was used to get an acceptable response.  This had the added benefit of allowing the demonstrator to eat the fingerprints to "get rid of the evidence", so to speak.

    All that being said, there are way too many other awesome uses for the Peachy.  Nice job on the fingerprint file, by the way!  I'm guessing there's no way to buy my way in this late in the game.
  • I'm sure that we can work something out. Also sorry guys regarding the slow progress. Update is this: I have it about 80% complete. The directions etc. are horrendous. I mean, they even have this video now... and it's some other model that has totally different pieces from what I was sent. I pretty much flipped out on Glims, locked the doors, screamed and yelled, took some beta-blockers so the rage shakes would subside and went to work. I put in a good 6 hours and then got to the "the next part is up to you to invent" thing. Apparently a lot of the container and tubing work is a kind do something to make it work step. I'm planning to have another go at this sucker next week but we've been super busy.

    And yes, I've done the latex bit before. Totally works. I used a diving suit repair silicone gel. I think part of what people wanted to do with it was to be able to print specific prints rather than molding them. But yeah, working with this peachy printer makes me wish that people had gone a different route.

    On a side note, this thing is uber simple. When we get it up and running, I think I could probably reverse engineer it to the point of sending each of you working printer. Different enough though not to violate any copyright yaddah yaddah. No promises, but I don't see why not.
  • One other thing. I don't advise anyone purchase a peachy printer. Yes, it is in a class of it's own in terms of price etc. but the materials just aren't great. I'm sure I'll feel more positively towards it when I'm finished assembling it and it actually does something.
  • Hmmm... let me know how the reverse engineering goes.  If you need any assistance with the new version, that sort of thing is my cup of tea.  Maybe I'll just wait up for that to come to fruition, and buy one off you if you get it going.

    Thank you for getting back to me on that.
  • Ok so i'm having a bunch of issues with modeling this. I can't seem to et the textures to stick where i want and when they do it defuses to turn it into something a 3d printer can handle. I'll keep working but this may take sometime 
  • @drjaaz how are you making the model? 

    I would take the print and make it into a .dxf then open openSCAD and import that file and extrude it then wrap it around a cylinder. That way you could wear someone elses finger prints.
  • I was just using a displacement map i generated from the pics to texture the surface and was trying to get it to go from an overlaid texture to a highpoly model but was having issues since i was using blender. Maybe you could give it a shot? im too swamped atm to tinker with this anyway so you'd probably have better luck.
  • Nothing really to update here. Next run of days off from work I'm seriously going to take one last pathetic run at this thing. If I'm unsuccessful, I'd really want to move on rather than leaving you guy waiting. It's a weight on my shoulders in terms of an unfinished project and I feel like we're wasting your plural time/funds sitting on this thing. So the two next steps if it doesn't work are as follows:

    A. Who wants to take a run at making this thing work?

    B. We (SFM) should just bite the bullet and purchase a pre-manufactured 3d printer. It'd likely be more reliable anyways.

    Anyhow, I apologize for the repeated delays but this isn't forgotten. It's just been on the backburner due to the move and the IR project. In the future I'll make sure that any commitments made will be fulfilled in a more timely fashion.
  • Benbeezy, do you have any suggestions regarding this? If you have the time, treat me like a complete idiot here in terms of what I should be looking for in a printer?

  • I encourage you to keep trying with the soft printer. With regard to printing out someone's fingerprints, it's far more important to demonstrate the proof of concept than it is to get it perfect first time. 

    After all, the point is to demonstrate that fingerprints are not good unique identifiers, and that anyone with enough patience / energy could undermine a system that relied on them being so. 
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