Second magnet placement ideas

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Hello all,

So a bit over two months ago I got a paralyne coated magnet inserted in my left ring finger. I'm rather happy with it and am considering getting a second one in the same hand for the supposed stereoscopic effect it can create.

First of all - those that have two magnets in the same hand - how well does it work? Does it indeed give you a better sense of the shape of a field?

Second of all I'm not sure where to put it and would like to hear feedback
The thumb and index finger seem to be too frequently used, and I'm fairly skinny, so I anticipate those would be uncomfortable for placement.
The middle finger I worry might be too close and interact withe the ring finger magnet.
And the pinky I think is too small to hold the magnet well.. 
What about placing it on a part of the finger other than the tip?
What about the webbing between the thumb and index finger?
What other placements have been done and found to be successful? 

Any suggestions?

Thank you


  • I'm in the same boat actually - considering getting a second one at the end of august and have been considering location. Any thoughts are welcome. 
  • Cassox has 4 I think. He's going to swap them out for the new models we made in about a month, but he has some great info about locations and doubling up.
  • I'd love to hear what he has to say.. is there a way to draw his attention to this thread?
  • Hey glims what did you guys decide to go with for your new mags? If you do a production run I would love to be in. 
  • @Raven Cass is sleeping the sleep of the dead. I'll txt him and let him know that people are looking for his input.

    @knal03 don't worry. in a few weeks, we will be rolling out some fancy new state of the art coated magnets. i can't tell you more till we get some of the production finalized, but i will have the data to back up the time that everyone has been waiting.

    the production run is more like an actual producing something that works kind of thing, so instead of everyone just chipping in on some crummy parylene magnets, we footed the bill for some epic quality coatings on some N52s.

    As soon as this stuff hits the floor, you guys will know.
  • Im anxious to get one of those magnets you guys came up!!!
  • they should be ready by the middle of next month. keep an eye out for our updates :)

  • How good are these new magnets? I have a cylinder one from Brian Decker and I am very happy with it. I can lift up spoons/forks and have a decent range for sensing things. I was planning on getting the same for my second one - but would love to use something developed by the community if its comparable. 
  • Well, one of the prototypes was just implanted into my hand yesterday, so once it's all healed up, I will be able to tell everyone how it works. I had it implanted by John Durante and he was so stoked about the new design that he said that when they are ready, he is throwing out what he has now and just using these. Also, Cass is pulling out all the ones he has in now and replacing them with these.

    The coating is the first magnet coating specifically designed for implantation. Other magnet implants are basically just magnets that people smacked a 'biosafe' coating on and called good.

    Also, we came up with a unique process that allows for none of the magnetization to be lost through coating, an issue which is common.

    More to come soon...
  • They sound awesome! Can you give an aproximate price? 
  • Timing couldn't be better! I've been considering adding another set to my fingers, and these sound ideal! My piercer only works with Von Cyborg's stuff, but once you get more info posted I'm hoping I can convince him to give these a shot. Thank you.
  • hopefully, the new design you guys have been working on work out great! This is what i have been waiting to hear about before doing my first.
  • I can't wait till you start selling them glims! I am looking to get my first implant and yours sounds perfect. Wish I could throw my money at the screen now
  • I know, right? Reading Glims talk about their new design makes me feel a lot like this- image

    And luckily for me, I don't have any magnets yet, but I'm planning to do a self implant really soon. So for my first ones I'll have some good quality stuff from the sounds of it.
  • What is the current timeline for the magnets? My appointment is early september. Would it be possible to get a couple before then?
  • It's looking like all the extra details and testing will be ironed out by the end of this month, so this will be doable.

  • Ah, magnet placement. I'm going to be writing up a  blog on this sooner or later.



    Amongst others....

    The RF of the somatosensory cortex is plastic and multilayered. I advise medial placement in digits 3 and 4, which in theory should shift the RF similar to the surgical syndactyly of T. Allard , S. A. Clark et.all.

    I've had this placement. At first it wasn't anything special... but after 15 or so days it was magical, crazy, blew me away. I honestly believe that it leads to a shift in the somatosensory cortex. I've put in and taken out magnets a number of times and don't have it currently. I'm going to do this placement again with the new SFM magnets in a few weeks. I'll write it up.

  • Cassox,

    Thank you for that information. To be clear in layman's terms (I don't have an extensive medical background) you are suggesting that there is a significant advantage to place the magnet in the ring and middle fingers, as it seems to actually rewire how your brain processes the stimulation. The above papers suggest that there is a link in your brain between those fingers in particular. 

    Now my question would be - my existing cylinder magnet is installed in the center of the pad of the ring finger perpendicular to the finger, therefore the pole is pointing in the general direction of my middle finger - would the attraction/repulsion of having two magnets in adjacent fingers be a problem? 
  • Ok, to be a tad more clear on what I'm thinking - no matter where you place the magnet your brain will in theory rewire. Neuroplasticity of the somatosensory cortex is a well studied phenomenom. Placement in that particular area has the potential of forming a multitiered sensory map... there is a second layer to the SS cortex for certain types of input. Promise to go into it more later.

    In terms of the two magnets? I'd say I don't know. I'm just not that familiar with the cylinders really. I'd try supergluing one in place to see if it works. It might be a problem and continually pull at each other. I had medial/medial placement and never had a problem, but they were both discs.
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