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Tesla once thought everyone has a frequency and if you tune a quartz crystal oscillator to the correct person you could make a power supply.

also at 38 sadly most of my teeth are degrading. why not make dental implants. hell I remember movies back in the days of government tracking people with dental implants. I would love to have mounting pegs and snap and glue an implanted tooth.

Imagine also watches and flashlights that charge with movement. maybe a small injected magnet in a coil and the movement of your hand creates the power.

Maybe even keep a power source on your belt and NFC or RFID circuits could be powered within 3 ft of implant.

anyway maybe I sparked something here. Run with it.


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    Tooth implants do exist...
    Flashlights like the ones you msntion , also exist
  • As far as the quartz crystals have you come across anything that hints towards being able to tune it towards an individual's frequency?

    Also curious if you happen to have any research towards figuring out what a person's frequency is and how much if fluctuates in a certain time period.
  • for starters, i'd love to see a proof that tesla had this very idea. he was a awesome mind , no doubt, but for that very reason he was aware of physics. and there are just ways too many people writing hoax on the net and putting his name on it.
    a frequency as such requires something that oscillates, like a field, or a mass. but persons don't oscillate (unless they copulate maybe). you can harvest energy from motion or from electromagnetic fields, simple physics still applies and in most cases the amount of energy you can harvest is barely enough to keep even simple implants running.
    as Jack said, flashlights , watches, dental implants, they all exist. mysterious body-frequencies to tap into with even more obscure quartz crystals.. not so much.
  • Tesla is one of my heroes. Someday I'd like to try out his coldfire stunt and if it ever became an implantable device I would get it in a heartbeat and use it to terrify others and reduce the amount of time I must spend in lines.

    But like all brilliant bastards, Tesla was batshit crazy, especially after his mother died. Genital mutilation, insomnia, electroshock therapy for general health, visions, lots of weirdness. The documentary I watched last night also talked about the brain wave thing. He abandoned the idea, so I think he figured out it wasn't going to work or he just hit a snag. Anyway, the guy was working in virgin territory and Einstein was just coming on the scene when Tesla was nearing the end so I don't fault the guy for exploring everything. I don't recall the quartz part of that story, but he was working with radio and carrier waves and I think the idea was to amplify brain waves and send them via radio to someone else with an antenna hat or something like that. So it was just mildly crazy. The word "crystal" makes it seem extra crazy.

    But the documentary has been bugging the shit out of me and I have a theory that maybe he just started speaking the language of mystic lunacy that was really popular in high society around that time. He was known for disguising his real research in projects he knew he could get funding for, so I could see how tapping into cosmic ether lingo might be a good tactic. less to explain too.

    k9phreak  my friend makes teeth. It's really easy. Just get some cold cure acrylic online and watch a youtube tutorial. If they ever invent flood-light lumen level LEDs I'd totally get one as a tooth. Something about a blinding beam of light coming out of someone's mouth whenever they talk is awesome to me.
  • @Director X ditto on the light in tooth just for kicks.

    I know shaker flashlights exists..I was saying maybe an implant based on the shaker flashlight as a power source. ie: movement of body part with implant to create power. so implant in hand would create power from moving hand.

    still thinking of Tesla's crystal tuning theory. I have a hard time thinking ATM was in a car accident. rolled a few times and have a spine injury. little sleep and crappy pain meds are killing me. Also crystal that small may not power much. I remember crystal radios that could drive headphones but not speakers.
  • Granted, there are processes going on in the human body -- such as electrochemical signals in the nervous system, particularly the brain and heart -- that have frequencies associated with them, but to say that a human has a frequency is nonsensical.

    Tesla is one of my heroes as well, but we have to be careful about what we take from him.  Remember, Tesla also thought he could build a perpetual motion machine.  But yeah, I've never seen any source for the claim that Tesla thought that humans had frequencies or anything that could be done with crystals.  It's also worth mentioning that there's never been any reproducible evidence that crystals can directly affect humans, other than by looking pretty.
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