Vibration implant

some how hook up your phone to an implant so the implant vibrates so you dont miss a call again!


  • There's a blutooth vibrating bracelet available already. Strip it down, protect it properly, stick it in. It would be a nice easy hack I suppose. I figure there is no particular reason for it to be inside you tho...
  • Powering it is the issue, as ever. Also, if it's subdermal, why not make it a very light electrical shock? Vibration is audible and and the motor is bulky; subdermal offers little to no advantages and a couple disadvantages over it being external.
  • firstly, electric shock? that's our solution to vibration? have you seen this bracelet? it's tiny. but yes, i agree. no reason to stick something inside yourself unless having it inside provides an actual purpose.
  • A small (implantable magnet-sized) encapsulated subdermal electronic triggering device would be nice. Too bad currently available electronics consume so much power and batteries are so big. Should be solid state of course. The uses could be limitless. Sense magnetic fields, various em frequencies, mobile phone calls/messages, etc.
  • Ring a magnet with an external coil like bottlenose does. 
  • It defeats the purpose of having nothing external, but you could put a magnet in the meat (watch out for muscle) of your proximal bone, then have a small induction coil, power source, and bluetooth connection in a large signet style ring (think form factor like the rings that dangerousthings sells) to vibe the magnet. It's unobtrusive in terms of detectability, just still requires something outside your body which could be unwanted.
  • hahah like 99% of the stuff we come up with doesnt *need* to be implanted. we wanna do it cause its cool. but yea, power is the big hurdle like everything else. the blutooth bracelet strip down is best idea tho
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