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Hey guys, so I'm talking about magnets again, haha. So, I've found a guy willing to do the implant for me, but it's a bit pricy... I'm a poor 20 year old in a dead end job, and he's wanting $150. $100 for the magnet, and $50 for the procedure... $100 seems like a lot for just a tiny bioproofed magnet, especially seeing as I know you guys have bought tons for $50, because that was the minimum order from v&p. So, I can definitely do $50 for the procedure, it seems reasonable just so I don't have to carve into my finger myself. The guy has apparently done magnetic implants already, and I know the shop is legit because I got my last tattoo there, great guys.
I was wondering where the best place to source a magnet on my own so I don't have to buy through him. I know from talking to him he's willing to do it if I can get my own as well, and the reason he charges $100 is because he buys them from Steve Haworth, and that's what he charged. Anyone got any left from a group buy? or someone want to do a group buy with me? or is there a better place to get them now? I checked supermagnetman, because I'd seen other threads mention them, but I couldn't find any small coated magnets. all the coated magnets are huge, and the smaller ones aren't coated... can I special order from them? I really only need one, for now, but depending how it goes I may add more later. I'm thinking i may end up having one in each of my fingers on the right hand, excluding the thumb, and maybe one or two in my left... I'm a little worried about it affecting my guitar playing in my left hand, I play bass and acoustic for my church(Not at the same time though :P)

TLDR: Anyone got a few extra magnets sitting around they're willing to part with? I'd be willing to buy them off ya. if not, where can I get just a couple already bioproofed magnets?

Thanks a lot guys, 


  • Why being cheap with your body?
  • Funny you mention poor college student because I am not that different from you in that regard and I got the procedure done by Steve Haworth himself for $300. I don't mind spending extra money for assurance of quality when it comes to something that I plan on keeping around for a long long time. 

    Simple solution would to get another job or just take the time to save up for this guy if you want to have him implant it.You can look back into my post not too long ago about all of that if you like. Personally I have gone to have someone else to get it done as I like accuracy when it comes to learning something that I don't know terribly much about.

    Otherwise you could always practice cutting into a piece of pork and shoving stuff into it specifically in mind to getting better practice with a knife if you don't happen to be terribly familiar with stabbing things.
  • Im also "poor" student , I also got the implant from Haworth, its just a matter of patience to earn all the money for the procedure, its better to do it "the right way" than spending more money or loosing a finger on the future because of being poor with yourself
  • Jack id right. IWe're all a bit broke, y'know. My personal opinion is that if you don't have enough patience or control to save up 100 dollars, you probably shouldn't be stabbing yourself.

    And 100 is not pricey for a bioproofed magnet. This is an object that will be in your body, perhaps indefinitely. We've done tests on the supermagnetman magnets. They aren't that great. I would definitely not put inside me. Bioproofing for longer term implantation can be quite tricky.
    Subdermal implants usually run a bit higher than 100 bucks, and that is for an inert piece of silicone or metal.

    Love your body. Put good things in it ;)

    That being said, the SfM/Dangerous Things magnets will be ready probably around the end of July. These will be the first magnets specifically designed for implant. We've even ran them by the APP and they are excited... stick around for the good stuff.
  • glims I would love getting one of those magnets, I only have a doubt , they will be a "powerful" magnet? Just like the ones from Haworth that can lift 120 grams? And thanks for supporting me haha
  • we are actually getting some haworth magnets and will be doing a comparative testing, both of magnetic strength and fouling and cytotox.

    we are actually readjusting our coating protocol to allow for the highest power available for implant
  • @Jack_Sylvane keep in mind that Haworth has the two different styles that he advertises. His regular ones that is intended to feel the environment better than the other then the "magician" magnet which is able to hold 120 grams.

    I am rather excited to see the outcome of these new magnets and seeing progress made in this department.
  • Yeah, I know there are two different type of magnets, I have the one to "feel" elecrtromagnetic fields, I only need the other one, I hope the results they get will make better magnets than the ones from Haworth 
  • Same here. I am a huge fan of efficiency and quality so I'll be on the lookout for the comparison when this new set comes around.
  • i"ll  post the results here.With pictures!
  • Alright guys, sorry, been off for awhile. Done a lot more research(mostly internet, some practice on myself), and feel confident I can do an implant on my own. I've decided to wait on the results from glims with the comparison of Haworth's magnets and the dangerous things magnets, and once I see the results I'm gonna order one or the other... I've heard Haworth only provides magnets to piercers, so hopefully the dangerous things magnets end up being better/safer. 

    The "practice" I've done on myself, for those curious, is I've purchased some sterile injectable 20% lidocaine hcl solution, picked up some insulin syringes from cvs(surprisingly, they gave them to me without any trouble when I explained what I was actually using them for, after some description) and practiced a digital nerve block(It lasts around 45 minutes with full numbness for me, residual tingly feelings for a couple hours), a radial nerve block, a medial nerve block, and an ulnar nerve block, just to feel the difference between which fingers they numb, and how effectively.
    I did a few experiments over the course of about a week, trying a different numbing technique each day, and have found what I feel is perfect numbness. ulnar+median+digital base blocks, perfectly numb my ring finger(I tested it by pinching the skin and just judging how much pressure I felt) and partially numbed the rest of my hand. I think that's what I'll go with, it ends up being 80mg total lidocaine(1ml solution per injection site) which is well below the max recommended dosage of 300mg or 4.5mg/kg(approx. 360mg for me)
    On my last numbing experiment, I ended up testing for numbness with a scalpel, opening up an incision like I would were I implanting a magnet, but not carving out the pocket(minimum healing time, just wanted to test numbness) and didn't feel a thing until the numbness wore off. well, that's not entirely true;I felt a bit of pressure, but definitely nothing even remotely approaching pain.

    One of the most intersting things I've learned from my numbing tests is how easy it is to find and numb nerves for a nerve block, at least in the hand. I just used this image and a video from emedicine.medscape.com and had no issues. numbed the nerve dead on every time.
  • Also, I have managed to find another job, so I'm making more money and my skills are being put to use. I'm a computer technician for a company called SBSIndy. Repairing computers, cleaning viruses, offering support, etc. loving it, it's a great job and I'll do my best to keep it until I can finish up school and get into the medical field. Maybe I'll try anesthesiology, or surgeon ;)
  • Are you sure it's 20% and not 2%? That's some mighty hefty dosing. 1% is totally adequate. If your using 2%, then 80mg is a total of 3ml.
  • Yeah, 20% is way too much for me to want to touch, but if you found a source that's cheaper than DangerousThings (I love Amal's selection, but that lido is waaaaay expensive), could you source itm, please? PM is okay too.
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    sorry, yeah 2%. ill see if I can find the source again.
    http://lidocainehclpowder.com/ Found it. This is where I bought mine. Any word on the magnets yet @glims?
    I bought 50 ml for $20.00, and used .5 ml per injection site and got pretty good numbness. So theoretically I could do 50 magnets for $20.00, plus shipping. assuming I had the magnets already, and I only did the two injections at the base of the finger rather than messing with the nerves in the wrist. I'll probably end up doing both the base of the finger and the wrist, like I planned originally, because it seems to me I'd rather be too numb than not numb enough. Hahaha

    Also, they sell it both with adrenaline and without. I went without, because I've heard adrenaline+lido can cause tissue damage from inadequate blood supply. I've also read this is untrue, but better safe than sorry eh? with adrenaline it should last longer, but mine seems to be good enough.
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  • Awesome, @SystemShock -- thanks so much! @Amal, you may want to get in touch with the site owner regarding sourcing... I love your site, and it's awesome that you carry lido, but huge volume for way cheaper always rocks, and I'd love to support you rather than a shady pharmacy (but I'm also a poor college student and can't turn down an incredible deal).
  • Thanks @mothball

    BTW, I have a shitload of Lidocaine HCL powder, I just don't have it on the site. I opted to upgrade my PMK to full commercial xylocaine (2% USP) because mixing lido with sterile NaCl from a bag in a can spray nozzle might produce a sterile injectable solution, but it is not guaranteed to be pyrogenic free. Read up on pyrogenics... they freaked me out enough to stop selling the power/saline mix for the PMK.

    That said, I have a bottle with 100g in it. I'll be willing to sell it for $50. If you're interested, contact me via amal.net or dangerousthings.com and I'll send you a paypal invoice for it.
  • @amal - I think I'm set for right now, but thank you! And powder is great for some people, but (and perhaps I'm alone in this opinion) I feel way safer having a sealed ampule that I know is pyrogenics-free, sterile, precisely metered, etc - I'm sure I could safely mix the powder, but I just like knowing everything is perfect and ready to go. That's why I love your ampules (they're just pricey).
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    @mothball Yeah totally. That site only sells multi-use bottles, which I definitely don't like. They are just asking for trouble. Single use ampoules are good, but I will look around for a better source... see if I can lower the price a bit. My hunch is I'd have to take a risk on the biohacking community and buy a huge bulk of ampoules that have expiration dates, then hope they sell like hotcakes at a lower price. I currently sell about one PMK a month.

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    Oh wow @amal - didn't realize sales were that slow.

    Multi use ampoules can be fine, I think - just gotta use one needle per amoule insertion, and sterilize the entry (bulk chlorhex wipes are cheap and a nice big pack of needles/syringes from a diabetes supply site can be gotten for <$10).

    But I can see where the downside would be in terms of sales. If you don't sell enough, it doesn't make sense to buy bulk for sure, unless they're big and expensive enough to justify drop shipping them.
  • @mothball I've actually upgraded the syringes to luer lock style so you don't put the needle into the ampoule you just lock the syringe onto the ampoule and draw the lido in, then disconnect and attach the needle. The tip of the syringe remains sterile if you do this process carefully.
  • sorry for crossposting, just want everyone on the same page

    @SystemShockdon't worry. in a few weeks, we will be rolling out some fancy new state of the art coated magnets. i can't tell you more till we get some of the production finalized, but i will have the data to back up the time that everyone has been waiting.

    the production run is more like an actual producing something that works kind of thing, so instead of everyone just chipping in on some crummy parylene magnets, we footed the bill for some epic quality coatings on some N52s.

    As soon as this stuff hits the floor, you guys will know.
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