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HI everyone, I've finally gotten enough information to attempt implanting a magnet.
I ordered 6 parylene coated magnets from supermagnetman 1 mm x 3 mm, and will be coating the implant with dental resin.
I'll be using a number 11 scalpel, a tournicate, proper sanitation and sterilization.
I thought a topical cream with lidocaine would be enough, but after testing I realize i was wrong. Is ice an ok method for numbing?
also I'm not sure how to know if I cut deep enough. 
I'm implanting on the side of my right hand ring fingertip. Hopefully all goes well.
Thank you in advance for any help.



  • Is ice an ok method for numbing?
    Many on the boards say ice is fine, although in very few cases will it be as effective as a digital block using lidocaine solution injections. Some people say their fingers are mostly numb after five minutes; I kept mine in for 15 and it was too painful to cut - YMMV.

    also I'm not sure how to know if I cut deep enough. 
    If you have created a large enough pocket that you can insert the magnet and not see it from the wound opening, and have enough skin at the edges to suture without accidentally hitting the magnet with the needle (byebye parylene), it's deep enough.

    I would really encourage you to look at lidocaine solution; has a great pain management kit that is, for what they give you, insanely overpriced, but does contain everything you need to doing a digital web block, including injection prep and needles, with 5mL 2% lido. It's a very functional kit. 

  • @mothball , with the lidocaine kit it has sterile saline, is that to dilute the lidocaine?
  • The picture on is incorrect; I confirmed with the owner. Instead, you get a sterile 5mL ampule that is sealed and contains the 2% lido solution.

    Hi [redacted], 
    yes, the picture is outdated. I need to update it! The lido is commercial grade xylocaine in a sterile plastic med ampoule. the old kit used powder you mixed yourself but this is the real deal now.
    Amal ;) 

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    I just ordered your pain management kit. The description says the ampule is 5mL xylocaine (2%), but the picture shows two ampules; one of water and and one of the lidocaine. Is the lidocaine in powder form, and then could be hypothetically mixed with the water to yield the 5mL 2%? Or am I misunderstanding?


  • ok, awesome! i think ill put my order in tonight. It seems the best method.
    In your experience how long did the actual procedure take? from cut to close?
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    Unfortunately, I was working with a #10 scalpel which didn't let me make an incision deep enough, so my first insertion attempt failed (currently waiting on more lido). Provided that everything went smoothly, I would have spent about 30 minutes on prep (sterilizing, scrubbing, etc), and about 10 minutes from lido injection to a clean, dressed wound. I'd urge you to watch as many videos as you can on the magnet insertion and how to make safe incisions on the hand - even run your plan by a doctor or nurse to get some feedback on your sterile technique, etc. There's no such thing as too much planning.

    You can reference my personal notes for my step by step breakdown of what (would have) worked for me. Here's a good video on a digital web block; I used about 2cc's either side.
  • @mothball , you have been more than helpful, and i appreciate it greatly. my procedure is a bit different, but I'm confident. and when you say sani-wipes , which do you mean? do I really need to coat with dental resin? and if I do, how long should i soak it after its cured?  I know @cassox has started against the dental resin. is it still ok to use?
  • Of course! Always happy to help.

    When I say Super Sani Wipes, I mean these. They're clinical grade wipes that kill just about everything you could be concerned about, especially MRSA and NF, which could spell losing a finger/hand/life on the rare chance you get them. IANAPhysician, but these looked like the best thing out there in regard to sanitation. I used them to wipe down my exposed surfaces (all my other tools were individually wrapped and pre-sanitized in the package except for the forceps and scissors, which I sterilized in a pressure cooker. Sterile really is the name of the game to stay as safe as possible; infection is by far the most likely risk, followed closely by infection IMO.

    I'm not using dental resin on my magnet, just parylene - I'd rather stick with something that has a proven track record, even if it means it's a bit more fragile (if there's breakage or an integrity failure of the parylene, I'll be able to visibly see the darkened skin from oxidization before it becomes a danger to me, so I've been told). I defer to @cassox for more clarification on that; I'm familiar with his recommendations of using (or not using) dental resin, but he could probably offer more details about a specific procedure (or why you shouldn't do it).
  • I think ill stick with the parylene as well, in @cassox post about developing a better coating he said that the surface of the resin is porous, which is begging for bacterial growth. if the parylene gets damaged at least there is a way to tell. have people with just parylene had any success?

    on another note my magnets came in today, I'm so excited to finally do this soon. but i won't let my excitement blind me from proper procedure. also i did order the lidocaine kit from dangerous things yesterday, and it already shipped. 
  • There are a number of success stories with just parylene. If the coating is damaged, the magnet will be oxidized and have the iron leeched out of it, turning the implant spot dark black. If that happens, you'll need to remove the magnet as soon as possible. Check out Quinn's implant, which was damaged and removed (mostly).
  • so everything has come in except the lidocaine kit, but it will be here tomorrow morning. ill be setting my magnets in saline today to see if the coating is compromised. the anticipation is really starting to build now. i have to pick up a few sterilization things at the store but it's all almost ready. I've been researching this for so long and I'm excited its finally happening.

    I mean, as a tattoo artist, i generally get what i want when it comes to body mods right away. but this has been different, you know?
  • this was not as easy as i thought. its took a bit to get the magnet to go in properly but i got it, without scratching up the magnet. i hope it heals ok. the incision wasnt as clean as i would have liked but i didnt do too bad of a job. the lidocaine is starting to wear off lol. i closed it but some blood seeped for under the glue, and it makes it look terrible.
  • Also, if i did accidentally scratch the magnet, is it guaranteed to lose the coating? how soon will i know?
  • Glad to hear things went relatively smoothly! If you scratched the magnet and the parylene coating has come off, the magnet will likely turn especially dark as it oxidizes. If the site turns black, get that magnet out.
  • Will do. I would be able to tell at the moment as the area of the pocket is slightly bruised. It doesn't hurt too bad though. Hopefully everything goes well and I don't have to remove it.
  • Just make sure you slather on that antibacterial gel!
  • will do lol. the nerve block was a very good idea, as I was able to make the incision and pocket calmly without hurting.
  • Great! Glad to hear it. At least for me, once I had injected myself with local anesthetic and made a scalpel incision, I got a WHOLE lot more comfortable with dressing wounds, both my own and others, and especially with handling minor medical issues with a lot less concern.
  • my only concern, is that the point of incision is not the most refined cut. i feel bad about it but worst case scenario ill have a scar.
  • Mine was messy too, but I was surprised at how well it healed. As long as the wound edges are approximated, the use of a scalpel will make a clean cut that heals quickly in my experience.
  • My magnet has been put in around 3 1/2 weeks ago. A week after the cut it was already healed and no signs of me getting cut in the first place. I know the scalpel was a #15 if memory serves right and I had just used the ice water approach and got over the minor pain I had felt.

    I did have Steve Haworth do it for me as we only live 15 minutes away from each other and I prefer near perfection when the opportunity presents itself.
  • If I happened to rupture the coating , how long will it take for me to notice it?
  • Hard to say; I don't think anybody really has experience with a magnet damaged at implant time that I've found. Did something specific happen that's making you worry, or are you just generally concerned that it might have been nicked?
  • just generally concerned. i may have brushed it with the scalpel handle but i rechecked it and there werent any scratches. 12 hours later and no signs of a rupture, and im pretty sure bodily fluids will oxidize it quick.
  • I wouldn't worry too much. As long as you're gentle with it, you should be fine - it's not TOO fragile.
  • you know whats funny? the sport where i put my tournicate hurts more than my implant. is this normal? lol
  • Good! That can be an indicator that your incision was clean and you incurred minimal nerve damage.
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    thats good lol. so i was reading it can take a few months before i start feeling the "sixth sense" is that correct? because i dont feel anything yet haha.

    also im wondering if i placed my magnet far enough away from the incision, the magnet is 3mm in diameter and i placed its edge closest to the incision 6 mm from the incision, mening the far edge is 9mm from the incision.

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  • From what I've read, it's about a month. I think a half centimeter deep should be alright, but only time will tell.
  • so im noticing a dark spot near my magnet but is looks more like a bruise and its faint, im almost positive it's not oxidation, but im afraid im wrong.
  • just keep chill and let it heal. you stabbed yourself in the hand. if you didn't see discolouration, something would be wrong. you'll know if oxidation occurs...
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