Incision question

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I've seen videos showing the procedure of the magnetic implant, but I am still questioning the incision procedure.
I ee them just stick the scalpel in like its nothing. any advice on how to make the incision?


  • That's basically it. I mean, you should go through @Cassox's 3 part tutorial, learn as much as you can, etc, but at the end of the day you need to calmly make an incision or have someone qualified do it for you.
  • As a side note, I would highly recommend a #11 or #15 scalpel - the most common #10 is difficult to make the entire incision with; using a #11/#15 allows you to make both the initial incision and the pocket incision with the same sharp blade.
  • yes, the scalpels I have are #11. what I meant in the OP was that, in the videos they don't make an incision and then a pocket, they just stab and boom lol. I was asking if that's a more advanced method than a two step process.
  • 15 is best if you want a curved incision and 11 is good for straight. Try to make a single clean pull and pull apart and lightly cut for depth. Cut small and spread. 
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