New, and extremely eager.

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Hello everyone. My name is Jesse, I'm a 21 year old male living in Canada. I got linked to this website from an askreddit thread a week ago.

It only took me a day or two of looking around before I got hooked on the idea of biohacking and bought my magnets and tools to implant it. I'm definitely interested in learning about other biohacking besides the magnets and want to implant an RFID/NFC chip into my hand once I can find a use for it (any suggestions?)

Any questions or comment, fire away.


  • Welcome to the site.  Make sure you do all the recommended research before you actually stick something sharp into your hand.  I don't know the legality of implants in Canada but I personally recommend having a professional do it if possible.

    Do you know what's legal for implants in Canada?  I'm in Minnesota, I have a passport so I have an interest.
  • yes, welcome to the site. I too am interested in know the Canadian rules for implantation. Not that I am planning on going there any time in the near future, read as struggling college student, but I am always looking to gain more knowledge about how the rest of the world views the idea of biohacking and body augmentation.
  • I've been looking up information on magnetic implants since I saw the website. I've watched a few videos and I think I know what I'm doing... Kind of. I haven't looked up the legalities at all, I wouldn't even think that it could be illegal. I'll probably check it out when I get home today.
  • Where in Canada are you?
  • Alberta
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    Edmonton (like me) or Calgary? (or somewhere else?)
  • St. Albert. So pretty much Edmonton. Small world eh?
  • Hey! I hope you'll pardon me for hijacking your thread to make my own introduction. I'm around your age, and living in Montreal.

    I've seen several piercing shops advertise magnetic implants on their sites, so I had assumed it was legal here.
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    Hey everybody
  • Got my magents in and cut myself open today only to drop my magnet on the floor. Now I have to wait a couple days before I can cut myself open And try again. This time I have more magnets soaking in salt water.
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