• On a side note, If they scan your retina while you have contact lenses, it still the same? (I feel stupid at this moment) 

    BTW I researched on getting my fingerprints cutted and exchanged, my personal doctor said he can do it, but he needs to stitch, so that means I will get more distinguishable prints, that said, I have to disgard that method.
  • If the contact lenses reflect IR then it will be fooled. the issue is they check for contacts. It'd be technically possible to get a lense that reflected ir implanted under the cornea, or potential some sort of retro reflective beads (tapetum lucidum anybody?). but regardless the first method is invasive and stops any advancement in seeing ir, and tapetum lucidums will fuck with your day vision to the extent that its not worth it. That being said I'd totally be down for the new graphene contacts for some heatvision.
  • @mitravelus or someone that can help me, What if they scan my retina and then I get my laser  surgery to correct my vision, will it change my retina? Or im talking about two different parts of the eye? 
  • I thought about cutting the core (center part) out of all ten of the fingertips, then get the skin pulled together and stitch it. I think this could work, but again it leaves the rest of the print without getting it altered. 
  • @Jack_sylvane retina scanners make a map of the vessels in your eye. I don't believe Lasik effects those, but someone more knowledgeable can comment on that. To fool or give false readings you would need something to interfere with the ir light the bounces back out to make the image. I know of no way to do that beyond irreparably damaging the eye.
  • I thought about cutting the skin on the fingers and replacing it for the skin on the soles of your feet, I think that on our feet we dont have prints and I dont think we will loose sensibility, even if we had prints on our soles I think its easier that those prints can change because of all the friction we have on that zone

  • You have unique identifiers on the soles of your feet.

    hands, feet, tongue, eye.

    everywhere you cut will lose sensitivity. its the cost of surgery. 
    laser surgery effects the cornea. not win there.

    we need some new ideas. cutting and burning will all get you a one time swap. good for a run, but no good for long term anonymity.

    let's blue sky here. effects of fungal infections on fingertip areas? what about something to fill in the grooves?
  • @glims. First thing that comes to mind is a mild acid bath and hydroxyapatite. Fungal infection could be interesting though. We already have a ton of fungus that grow on our skin, maybe genetically modifying one? As in small garage diybio lab. nothing super sophisticated.
  • Why not significant callousing? Arsenic would work albeit with certain other nasty effect. Arsenic Keratosis if I remember correctly presents as serious Lucidum build up. While arsenic itself isn't advisable, I'm sure there's a less toxic alternative that would result in callous formation. As the callous is above the rete ridges, it would give you a smooth surface. I'll look around for something.

    If you COULD get the callouses to form well, you could either acid or laser etch the essentially dead tissue so that it has ridges... a custom fingerprint.
  • Custom laser etched fingerprints?  You could leave 10 QR codes on everything you touch!
    "Mickey Mouse Fingerprints Baffle Police"
    My right thumb print would be an image of my own face.  I would bring a stamp pad everywhere I go and leave micro-portraits on everything.  I'm comfortable with my Narcissus complex.
    Aside from the idea of putting my hand in a laser cutter and smelling burnt flesh I like this idea.
  • Actually, people do this already, but without the callouses. I've seen it done on the back of the hand, tho i imagine that the fingertips will be another level of ouch.

    This seems like the most realistic idea so far. mod a laser etching device so you can stick your hand in it, set it up to obfuscate your fingerprints, redo when it heals. The pain level would be high, but the difficulty is low. There would still be loss of sensitivity, but I figure we're just taking that as a given at this point...
  • I dont get why it has to be painful I mean, you can anesthezise your finger and get it burned, I really liked the idea of the QR code, you even can put false clues that lead the police to another guy, anyways I have access to a laser wood cutter, what material I can use to test if it works before putting my finger there? 
  • Chicken. I mean use a piece of chicken to test with.

    Even if you anesthetize your finger, that ish is gonna wear off long before the pain stops. I suggest doing a digital block actually. That would be ideal.
  • Look up the average epithelial depth of the fingers and try not to get deeper on your chicken skin. The point of the callus is so that the underlying prints don't show through and you have a thick medium you can safely (?) fuck up. Without the callus, it's just high precision burning
  • Ok , so I tried to burn the chicken on the lasser cutter, its NOT as easy as you think , I crashed a sensor while trying it, before I "cutted" some portions of the chicken I had some other problems, you cant control how deep the laser cuts (on other materials you can) but with meat I couldnt, I just kept getting different depth every time. Then its hard to get the laser to "draw" a figure, I couldnt get that either, the meat "glues" to itself and this ruins the shape you are trying to replicate. Im not saying this is impossible, but it will need A LOT of practice before getting it done on your finger... I hope I can get that experience, I want my QR code fingerprints. 

    If you want a "tutorial" (I found this after trying it without knowledge) , here you have it:!/
  • there are many things to try out tho. most lasers used for cutting and engraving are cw lasers. those work fine if all you want to do is to burn through something. for such a task i'd rather recommend a pulsed laser which basically evaporates a tiny volume almost instantly without burning surrounding areas. needless to say they are less common and somewhat expensive as they are mostly used in industrial or medical devices
  • Ok, so you obviously need to power down.
    There are quite a few videos of people using laser cutters to etch designs onto the back of their hands. Let's think more etch, less cut...

    As discussed, this is a surface modification, not a carving of the meat bits on your fingers...
  • This is the weirdest thread I've yet read on here. Both in rationale and method. And yet, weirdly compelling. If you can't destroy your prints, maybe you can etch E-A-T-S-H-I-T into your fingertips.. ;)

    To attack this from another angle though: I've heard that fingerprints aren't anywhere near as unique as you might have been led to believe. And maybe the best way to devalue your prints is not to destroy them, but to post them online, encourage people to print jelly copies and leave sticky marks over everything...
  • we have a winner!

  • hmm, having read that thing about leaving sticky marks over everything, i can't help but think of Morlock/Moreau in Data runner ( sam patel (i think)) they all go by the same tag, so nobody can be blamed - millions who look like one. I like this idea, i also like the idea of being able to all get a generated set of fingerprints put onto our fingertips, meaning that there would be hundreds of "John Doe"'s spread throughout the world. Any progress been made with that?
  • since this morning. no.

    haha, anyway, i suggest 3d printed flexible resin.
    the peachy printer is only $100 for a bare bones kit, has flexi resin, and works on a small scale. 
  • ahah, didn't read the timestamps, sorry. something like that stuck to your fingertips would be good, but how would that impact sensitivity?
  • So that's the thing. We have come back to glove land. albeit, super fancy printed teh futures gloves. This particular idea would be good for certain times, but not as an all the time thing.
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    I once interviewed a guy whose job it is to make people disappear (eg to escape abusive exes, etc.) His basic rule was that you can't delete data other people have on you, but you can devalue it. Creating an army of doppelgangers is the way to go ;)
  • ok, i talked with the guy behind peachy printer. he will let me into the beta testing, but we gotta pay. so... how much are you guys willing to chip in so that we can print you out smiley face fingerprints? it's 600 to get into the beta. that gets us the full kit with all the goodies and some flexi resin. communal 3d printer anyone?
  • Ohhh man, I've wanted to get my hands on a 3d printer for ages. I'd be willing to save up some dosh for that.
  • Just having plastic covering our fingertips won't leave a fingerprint but if we wipe a little oil off our forehead that will leave a fingerprint indistinguishable from a genuine fingerprint, right?

    Peachy printers are probably the best bet for this job but I don't know about the viability of communal 3D printer so I'm willing to throw $30 USD into the pot in order to get a set of finger "prints."  After that I won't lay any claim to the Peachy.

    In the spirit of this thread I propose the first set be identical to @Jack_Sylvane 's actual fingerprints.  Later I'm sure I'll want smiley faces and QR codes when the process is more refined.
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    The printer could be communal in the fact that anyone who put money towards it can ask for prints..

    I love it! Science for the Masses is here for you guys :) Please support our new project, Jack Finger Gloves! Not only will you be confusing the government, but you will be supporting small independent maker communities while doing so.

    Anyone willing to support, please que up here.

    I'm being serious, but not expecting much.

    Oh, @Jack_Sylvane, can you email me your fingerprints please? :D

    edit: smiley faces would be way easier than fingerprints actually. printing prints is going to be a sweet and difficult task.
  • Interesting thought. I'm down to chip in $50 if there is enough support. 
  • haha, i'm in too if there's enough support, and you can have my toe-prints?
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