Magnet Implants: Out of Curiosity

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Whilst ordering an RFID door lock for my next implant, a friend asked if I planned to also install magnetic relays around the house to interact with my new magnet. Am not overly familiar with how these work. Has anybody tried this before? Is it worth pursuing?

And, on a less serious note ...
Can anybody advise the likely result of applying magnetic nail polish to my fingernails now?


  • Hmm, no input on the first bit other than it is an interesting thought.
    But as far as the magnetic nail polish. I can't imagine there would be any difference in result. Do not think the magnet is strong enough or the nail polish having a low enough viscosity for any noticeable change. But it is possible.
  • FWIW: Apparently it makes no difference to the magnetic nail polish itself but it will pull on the implant. A Tumblr blogger sent me this reply:
    "I have a magnetic implant and I have applied magnetic nail polish. It didn't affect the nail polish really, like it didn't make the waves you get from rubbing the magnet cap over it normally. It did, however, have just a slight pull on the implanted magnet constantly and strong enough that it was irritating and just shy of uncomfortable enough that I had to remove the nail polish after only an hour or so."
  • off topic: Hi kjwx, welcome to the forum! I'm glad you found it. (I'm the person you were talking about the rfid chips in the last couple of weeks)
  • What you want is a hall effect sensor.. There were a few people experimenting with hall effect sensors and aurdinos last time I checked, but there were some issues with sensitivity.  They may have worked out the kinks by now..and it seems they did:

    Though I don't know if these will be able to pickup magnets the size of implants.  The playground topic specifically says they have +-20% so if it did pickup the magnet it probably wouldn't be very accurate (ie you could maybe get on/off but not exact locations)
  • Thanks for that, iexiak. I've been reading a little about it on Lepht's blog but think it's probably WAY over my head tech-wise. Better start greasing to my IT genius flatmate.
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