Any tips for increasing magnet sensitivity?

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Does anyone have any advice on how to increase the sensitivity of finger magnets? Do you think stimulating it with fields like those around laptop chargers has a positive/negative/no effect?


  • Would be keen to hear any tips myself ... Am three days post-op.
  • Wait and don't mess with it until it's fully healed.

    I think the only way to 'increase' sensitivity is to learn the feeling more.  Take a decently strong magnet, and wave your magnet over it/around it feeling the difference in the field as you get closer/further away..The more you do this, and the more magnets you encounter, the more you'll interpret the signal in the wild.
  • Thanks @iexiak. Am trying to be good. I picked up one paperclip, a staple and a small coin when I changed my bandage on Day 3. I just wanted to know it worked okay. My piercer gave me a local anesthetic first so I didn't get to test it out immediately.
  • Update: Felt my first EMFs today, six days post-op. Next to the TV, it seemed like the air was vibrating around that hand; the second was more of a static electricity-type jolt from my iPhone screen as I held my implant finger above it to get a reading from the Teslameter app. The resulting conversion to gauss wasn't true but it only reacted to my magnet finger.
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