Anyone in the bay area interested in some interesting brain technology?

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Some local thugs installed a couple of implants into my brain in order to ``hijack my head.'' The implants (a microchip and a wireless chip; haven't investigated details) have been used for nothing but torture and pain but in the proper hands could be used for medical diagnoses and scientific advancement. Interested in removal ASAP.


  • is there a tamper-safe detonator on your implant? That is usually pretty standard, but if these are just thugs you might have an older model. I'm in San Francisco in early Feb and can remove it then if you haven't fallen victim to chip protocol 9.
  • Biotech Bay reporting in! If you didn't know already, there's a Facebook page for a group of Biohackers based out of Stanford. There is also a Bio-hackerspace called Biocurious that is down in Sunnyvale. 
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