San Francisco, Feb gathering

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If you are in San Francisco in early Feb 2014 you should check this out:

Besides the conference I'm hoping to hang out with some Grinders 


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    Fantastic! Any idea how much the RFID implants will cost?
  • @isaacasimov: Well, the actual implants on Amal's store are about 50 or 100 usd depending on the model you choose, so I would assume that it's about the same there.
  • so right now we have at least 10 Grinders planning on going. Anyone interested in renting a house or something for the weekend?
  • My GF and I will be coming. We'd be interested depending on the cost @DirectorX, kinda pinching pennies on this trip.
  • Wish I had time to head out there. Perhaps another time... Kinda stuck here on the east coast for a while... 
  • i am going. the gf and i will be getting a hotel i think, mad milage points form when the folks lived in belgium.
    so if anyone is hard up, i will have floorspace.

    grinder slumber party!
  • I live in the bay area. I have a couch I can offer if someone needs it. Looking forward to meeting some people face to face. 
  • I'm planning on going, and I'm going to bring a good friend who's new to the transhumanist community and eager to get his own RFID chip.
  • I'll be around too.  I might be able to offer a couch of my own, but it will be a much less conveniently located couch.
  • Awesome. Well, Mikerbot has hooked us up with a mob of people to party with, so those accommodations are set. When I went to LA with Grindhouse last year we all crashed in the same room and it worked out alright. There were like 9 of us. There are some Airbnb places on Russian hill that look really nice. Like this one:

    It could probably accommodate everybody if they want to cram into common space. 3 bedrooms for couples. It would be cheap when divided by 20 people. :D

    Just throwing it out there.
  • Hmm,

    I'd like to go but lack transport. Anyone in southern California have an extra seat?(if they aren't flying)
  • I'll be attending!

    I would love to join any plans for inexpensive lodging arrangements.
  • I'm down. Bought tickets this morning. Hey John, what part of Socal are you in?
  • Also interested in joining the flop house if there's space.
  • My GF and I are down for the group flat as well @DirectorX
  • I'm in the Inland Empire, but can meet you anywhere in so cal likely.
  • Booking my flight today. To save airfare I'll be coming into San Jose on 1/29 and leaving out on 2/3.

    How long were you wanting to rent the flat, @DirectorX? If it's just the weekend no problem, I can fill in any missing nights at a motel or whatever. How were we going to handle booking?
  • very good question. I was thinking the night of the 31st and 1st for sure. Not sure how to go about collecting money for this. If anyone has ideas or wants to take the lead on that then let me know.

    This should be pretty cool. They just added to the speaker lineup too.
  • So the 31st to the !st sounds like a good idea to me as well. My hotel plans got borked so i'm keen on this house renting plan as well.
    including myself and my so, i'm counting about 10 people who want in on this house idea. that's only 61 bucks a head for 3 nights of house. cool.

    i have an empty paypal account that i never use. also, we have access to the sftm paypal account. it's a biz account so there is a little more accountability there...
    does this sound like a reasonable method for collecting money? all that's needed is a list of hard confirms, so that we can calculate the cost per head of the rental. then it's just a matter of a little money shuffle.
  • Sounds good to me. The house Rich linked has a fire dept limit of 6 people, so you might wanna fudge the headcount a tad.
  • i'm renting this house for my girlfriend and i for a romantic weekend in the city. i'm not sure what you are talking about. we might have a few friends over, but nothing rowdy or overcrowded
  • Sooo... anyone interested in renting a house or what?
  • John, if you'd like I can pick you up in Santa Clarita or the Antelope Valley.

    Also, I'm totally in for the house.

  • Yeah the metro will take me right there. Sweet, yeah I can pitch in on gas as well as the house.
  • Ok, so we are at 10 people. Currently there are two houses up for our time period costing 200 a night. That's 448 after fees. That's 44.80 per person.

    please paypal your rental fee to:

    I will let you guys know when you hit the ten mark. i am counting by headcount, not user name.  If we break the 10 person mark, reimbursements will happen.
    If more people already know they will be coming, we might want to move on a large space.

    I can get this all done in the coming week but i need some feedback
  • oookay, well, i get twitchy in times of low activity... housing has been rented.

    people who have questions or who want to get in on this sweet communal grinder pad action should probably pm or email me directly at this point.

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    Am I included in the 10? I'll be sending my payment shortly.
  • you are. anyone who expressed interest in this thread is included.
    more importantly, anyone who pays is included :)
  • I just saw this. Payment will be sent today. Thanks Glims.
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