So you want to put a magnet in your finger…



  • I have topicals, and was planning on cutting off circulation/icing. I really am not too concerned about the pain though. If it is particularly bad, I will probably take a narcotic. 
  • Is that Santa Barbara Mission as your picture begonia?
  • Nope, Stanford. You got the right state though. The outward extensions off of the SB Mission are smaller, although the angle makes it hard to see in that picture. I just liked the contrast of the building and the clouds. 
  • Does the orientation of the magnet have any effect on the sensation it causes?
  • Meaning Pole-wise?
  • @TheGreyKnight:  No, with one exception:  a strong field with the opposite orientation will sometimes flip your magnet.  It isn't really painful when that happens, just a bit uncomfortable.
  • See, I wonder about the orientation myself. I mean, sure. I expect no difference if the "north face" is "in" vs. facing "out." But, what about magnetized through length vs. diameter? I chose through diameter simply due to availability, but I could see this making a difference.

    I mean, through the diameter would seem to pull the whole disc towards the surface in one piece, while through the length would pull one end peripheral and push the other end deep. The magnet would pivot really. There must be a different subjective feeling to this at the very least.

  • I wonder if there's any difference in sensation between the magnet rotating beneath your skin and the magnet simply pushing against it.
  • I would lo to have the implant done in every finger but I am only 10,but have the give me your email IT CANNOT HURT

  • @benten5525 Sorry buddy, but you're gonna have to wait a few year :) we could go to jail for helping you do something like this.

    The good news: if you're 10 years old, that means you have 8+ years of bill-free time to learn some really cool skills you can use to contribute when you're ready :) Focus on LOTS of science--biology, chemistry, etc--and if you're interested in cybernetics pick up physics/circuit analysis as well (I wish I had!!)

    Good luck :)
  • Strange. I can't tell if its a joke or not.
  • I wonder how the legal issues would come out on this sort of thing. Piercers and tattoo artists are really on their own to decide what to do as long as there is parental consent. But that would likely be seen as less invasive than minor surgery. @Benton5525, something like this is going to hurt, you should understand that. 
  • @Cassox Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered using a laser scalpel or an obsidian/diamond scalpel for implant procedures? I know it's overkill... and ridiculously expensive, but hypothetically, what would the benefits be?

  • somebody already said that hard drives and credit cards are fine; would it be safe to handle RAM or sensitive electronics/components without damage or data loss ?
  • @JamesT unless your device is explicitly sensitive to magnetic fields (such as FloppyDisks) it's usualy no problem. Most electronic is not affected by static magnetic fields anyway.
  • Got a question about this, has anyone had any problems with having these in, and playing an instrument? is it possible that it could mess with what the pickups on my bass receive?
  • I've thought about that, because I play the bass as well. If I get my implants before you do, I'll let you know.
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    Thanks, you probably will though. I'm not going to be getting mine for at least three years, and it's not hard to guess why.


    Plus, I play bass with a pick anyway, so it may be a little less of a problem for me.
  • Hi there! I'm working on an article about biohack. Anyone would be available to talk about your experiences with it? What did you implant? Why did you do so? What has improved in your life (senses, usefullness, day by day routine)? Please feel free to contact me - [email protected]
  • I actually only just completed my first implantation last night, but I'd be more than happy to talk about my experience/reasons behind my decision. The email will have "Saal" in the subject.
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    Just uploaded my implant video:

  • Hi there!
    Just to let you know, the article I was working on got published. It is in Portuguese, but maybe it's possible to understand it via Google Translate, here's the link.

    Special thanks to @Saal and Caleb, they helped me better understand biohacking. 
  • Nice article. Saal, your famous now.
  • It's about time the rest of the world caught up with me in realizing i should make news ;)

    Now to convince all of you cretins I should make it to the headlines, DAILY..... :P
  • Good luck with that. :P
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    anybody know if my doctor would be up to do this type of minor surgery? or would a piercer be needed? i'm kind of a bitch in that i don't like looking at blood and doing it myself, but if someone else does it to me i'm fine.   so was thinking what would be a safe bet? 
  • Doctor probably won't unless he's super cool and you have a good relationship with him; could have his medical license revoked. Piercers are a good bet, ask around to see if any of them do it and/or know someone who does.
  • @Saal thanks man. i have emailed my doctor and he has not responded yet, but i'll deff be hitting up the piercing and tatt shops in the area... 

  • by the way, do you know where i can get high quality 3 mm by 1 mm (preferably coated in gold AND another biosafe coating)  neodymium magnets as well as the syringe to implant them ? i've messaged a few ppl but it seems that i'm a  few years late in discovering this and they don't respond...

  • Disc magnets like the typical 3x1 are typically implanted the old fashioned way with a scalpel, probe & suture. there are cylindrical magnets that people have used successfully with piercer needles, but I know nothing about them; try @Brandonking.

    As far as coatings go, the stuff available atm is pretty subpar. your best bet is either parylene c coated 52mgo strength magnets from or ptfe (teflon) coated 42mgo (weaker) ones from V&P scientific. the v&p ones require a minimum order(250 i believe).

    Alternatively, if you find a piercer trained by Steve Haworth they'll have magnets coated in gold and silicon. A note of warning: if you find a piercer willing to do it with a magnet you bring in yourself, you probably shouldn't do it. professional body modders typically only use their own shit for liability reasons. People buying their own magnets are usually implanting them ghetto-style over a kitchen sink.
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