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  • @Strayed this discussion is about suggestions for improving the website. there also is a "new ideas" discussion somewhere. recording handwriting is pretty tricky since you have to record every joint-angle, but it is not entirely impossible. i doubt this will be feasible as a diy project tho. there are easier was to do that by using infrared sensors clipped to your desk that record the pen's tip-position
  • Please do start a new thread about this. Unfortunately there isnt a way to branch discussions here, so you'll have to copy the post over yourself.

    In the meantime you can also take a look at, a company that produces a software called g-speak that allows for interface with a computer via complex hand gestures. It would probably be possible to build a sign language translation program based on their work, although it currently uses gloves (I believe) to monitor hand motions. It might be possible to replace them with subdermal implants but I don't know enough about the system to say anything definitively. Nor do I know that source license...

    This seemed like the right place for this:

    Random nitpick, the site is missing an "icon", the little icon that goes in next to the title of the page in a tab.image

    I talked to Kalen(site admin) and he said it would be easy to put up an icon.  He just needs a 64 x 64 icon. 

    So I went about resizing the sites symbol that sits up top.  At 64x64 it did not come out recognizable or nice looking at all.  So I simplified it and cleaned it up to try an get a nice looking one.

    That ^ is what I ended up with and think it will work well but I obviously didn't feel like I should send it to him without the higher ups approval first.  What do you guys think?

  • John, your image seems to be broken.

    What "tab" do you mean? In your web browser? Are you referring to a favicon (, or the larger icon that sometimes is used in RSS readers or on the iOS home screen?
  • Ya, favicon.  I was wondering what it was called.

    The bayimg link should work.

  • A project list page would be great. I think a lot of people are under the impression that many projects are dead due to lack of interest or whatever. A lot of them have just hit roadblocks that someone might know how to overcome.
  • @John Sorry for the late response. Seems good to me.
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    @DirectorX: I sooo much agree with that! That has been one thing that has been buging me about this group all along. It would be so much more organised and faster to get things done if everyone knew what the others are up to and what they need help with (roadblocks). Also to see that there is work in progress, not just talk and nothin' from it. Can someone please get on this???
  • So just a simple wiki then?  Just enough to collate together the projects, display a current status next to it, and provide enough internal organization in the document to keep things straight?
  • I also think some kind of project page would be great. It could be a good way to get help and attention to your projects. I think it's of importance to keep it simple to create and update such a project page though, because not many people will want to spend too much time away from the project itself.
  • Would it be possible to remove or combine some of the stickied threads up top? Maybe have a link to them above the categories section on the right or something? Right now stickies take up everything above the fold. You have to scroll down to see any actual discussion. 
  • i'm totaly in favor of that idea.
    i'd suggest we unsticky all except this one. and move all still-relevant info into the wiki. and having one new sticky that points people to the wiki.
    unless there's a solid reason for objection i'd start that process within a couple of days.
  • Yeah; most forums have a general "Welcome to the forum" post stickied, which has information that a person should know about the forum.
  • better keep the magnet faq stickied.
  • I want to [strongly] vote in favor of removing the gender thing in the sign up.
  • I don't know about the rest of you, but I've battled the notification settings in vein... no matter what they are set to, I don't receive any notifications of any kind from the site.
  • FWIW, I'm getting the notifications correctly.
  • I'd like to discuss Ultrasonic Neuromodulation, as it is the most promising technology for stimulating deep limbic circuits in the brain. Magnets and tdcs are nice but have *very* limited marginal effect. Ultrasound, especially phased array pulsed ultrasound doesnt have this problem. 

    Also the site keeps crashing my browser when I try to enter text in the message box to start a new discussion.

  • Hi everyone.  I have just signed on as webmaster for and will be going through all of these suggestions over the next few days to see how many of them can be implemented, especially the bug fixes.  I may be asking some of you for more details, like what browser you were using when the website crashed, what steps you took to sign up for notifications, etc.

    I'm looking forward to maintaining this site so that it continues to be an excellent resource for grinders to communicate with each other.  Thank you all for your excellent suggestions.

  • rdbrdb
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    For some reason, the post box is very stretched.  It's very annoying.  I'm assuming this was an unintentional regression?

    Also, does anyone else get the text "icon" at the top of every page?  It appears before any HTML code, so I'm guessing that someone modified the PHP code?  Has the server been compromised or is this once again a regression?
  • @rdb Yes they're likely unintentional regressions. Please bear with us while @mkabala brings a much needed overhaul to the site.
  • What Sovreign Bleak put so kindly is that I screwed up while making a modification.  The "icon" banner should now be gone.  Could you explain a little more about the post box being stretched?  The one at the bottom of the page looks fine in IE10, but I haven't looked at it in other browsers yet.
  • the post box was stretched for me on chromium, but it looks fixed now, maybe it was related to the icon issue.

    also, I see you finally set a favicon, nice.
  • i read through and this topic was very briefly touched on but...

    the wiki has no protocols or research papers :/

    while the wiki can be edited to add protocols about a topic (life extension / implant / chem synthesis), there aren't any there. is there a reason to not have these? and there should be a place to hold the white papers on said topics...

  • I've noticed this issue as well @glims, and have been working a tad on the wiki in my spare time. The majority of grinding work is done individually or in small groups scattered on other forums and blogs, but I'd like to see more resources for newcomers. Just so you know, anyone can add to it, so if you have spare time feel free to flesh it out :)

    Also, there is an additinol page for publishing indepent research papers called There's nothing there at the moment, but I hope to have some of my own experiments documented and published before long.
  • thank you so much @Saal.
    i'm going to take some time this week and have a go at the wiki.

    until something is set up, i will be offering my services as journal paper collector. also i will set up an (offsite i guess) collection of every paper i pick up, so that they are accessible to the community

  • was put on ice since there wasn't a sufficient interest in the community at the time (hence the old color scheme).

    If there is a proposal on the table for relaunching that part of the site I would entertain it and could set something up. This would have to be for publishing original work, and not collecting previously published works, which I believe the wiki is sufficient for.
  • i dumped a link to a cloud folder in the wiki for journal papers.

    i know that many people have personal websites/blogs with how to's on them, i just thought that a index collection in one location would work well.
  • phpbb or vbulletin?
  • Tapatalk support!
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