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I know I can't be the only one that's constantly frustrated in my research efforts by paywalls. It would be extremely appreciated if those of us with access to scientific journals through a university or job could share information.

For starters, does anyone have access to the papers stored at ? Specifically I'm looking for the below specified article from the Experimental Eye Research publication by Elsevier:

Miyata S., 1988: Substitution of porphyropsin for rhodopsin in mouse retina. Experimental Eye Research: 161-172


  • you are not the first person running into this issue. i can very much recommend a small service bot running on ##hplusroadmap on the freenode irc network.

    it appears that this paperbot was able to successfully access the document in question and is available in the archive of the bot now. of porphyropsin for rhodopsin in mouse retina.pdf
  • Wow!

    This has to be the most useful function for a computer+internet connection I've seen in the past 5+ years!! Thanks @ThomasEgi :D
  • I'm a researcher with university level access to many journals.
    I would be happy to provide you (and the rest of community) with any papers that you are looking to find.

    Anyone else who wants papers, I will be happy to help as well. Maybe i should start a separate post about that...

    Do you guys know if there is a repository to put things like this available here? Or should I just start a shared cloud folder or something....?

  • I've been looking for this particular paper as the conductive stretchable wiring sounds incredible useful for various grinder projects. If it were bioinert it would be incredible though i'm assuming its likely not. Anyways if anyone could access it i'd be pretty damn happy.

    But i think a cloud folder somewhere would be your best bet Glims.

  • alright then, here is a dropbox folder. first time sharing a folder like this but i fugre it should work.  If there are issues, let me know.

    @John, your paper is already in there.
    I just woke up so I'm not dragging in all the other papers that I have downloaded yet. Any paper request that comes up in this thread or that I run into on the forums will be added to the folder.
  • Thanks Glims, going to read it now. Wow, this is great, can't believe they wanted to charge 50 dollars for 24 hours of access.
  • That's awesome glims. Thanks.
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