• Perhaps the imprisonment of a Nobel prize? BREAK SOME BARRIERS. 
  • That sounds like a hell of a trip report in the making. ",)
  • So I am looking to start using Nootropics, anyone have a combo for starting out? Something cheep but effective.

  • I´d like to chip in on that, no experiance on this subject... Recomendations???
  • I frequent the Longecity community for a lot of great information and discussion on various health and biomedical related information with a focus on healthspan and lifespan extension. They have entire discussion boards for brain health and specifically nootropics. Study citations are common there, which makes me confident in members of that community. <- That and the "Nootropic Stacks" subforum linked there are relevant. You can also use the search function at the top of the site to search for any discussions on effects you're looking for or substances you're checking out.
  • There is a nootropic section in collaborate that needs work. If anybody experienced with them would like to add some things, please do. 
  • I'd probably be a poor candidate for "experienced" user. I'm using mostly nootropics that have long-term overall neural (and otherwise physiological) health benefits such as bacopa, ashwagandha, red ginseng, ginkgo biloba, huperzia serrata, theanine (which I sometimes take with caffeine in cacao or tea for a synergistic effect), melatonin before sleep, and creatine monohydrate (which I add to some protein/nutrient shakes and sometimes hot cocoa (100% cacao solids in water)). Other supplements I take that can be considered nootropic at some level, but which I take for general health reasons, include green tea (which also brings to the table its own theanine and caffeine), iodine, fish oil, and piperine (which I take in small amounts to increase bioavailability of other supplements such as turmeric extract (taken for the curcumin). And last but not least, rhodiola rosea extract.

    So why would I not be considered "experienced"? For one, I have not yet tried any of the *racetams and other substances that are usually taken for short-term strong boost in cognitive performance (save for rhodiola and caffeine), I'm still tinkering with my regimen in terms of doses, synergies, and timing, and when I do take short-term performance boosters, I don't generally feel that hugely affected despite many contradicting experiences from others. This isn't surprising since every individual's physiology is different, and thus experiences will be very diverse across individuals. However, I can't offer much except for whatever theory I've researched and the assurance that nothing I've taken has killed or impaired me yet. It's not like I can say with certainty, "Yeah, I started huperzia serrata, and within due time my NGF levels were up!" or, "Ashwagandha is doing wonders in growing out my dendrites!"

    And if you ask about my stress management with many of these, I can't honestly make causal links anywhere. I now measure my blood pressure every day, and it's generally around 100/68 mmHg (give or take a few mmHg on each factor), and I rarely enter a stress response mode outside of physical exertion. Can I attribute that to the nootropics? Maybe partially, but I can't honestly back that with much except for theory. I'm generally not a stressful individual anyway.
  • I'm waiting for a quote on some C16 (PKR inhibitor) if anybody wants to be a lab rat with me.

    I'm also going to try out Octopamine, which is probably nothing too exciting but I can get it in bulk.

    I am also sitting on several keys of UR-144 and 5FUR144. I only mention these because wikipedia lists some cannabinoids as nootropics.
  • I might be able to be a fellow lab rat; I'll have to make sure of a few things first, though.
  • Hi everyone, back with some experiance from longecity

    And here is my stack:
    4000mg soy lecitin granules 2x/day (need to replace when finished, stuff smells like freakin' fish fodder)
    1600mg piracetam 3x-4x/day
    400mg artichoke extract 2x/day
    375mg L-Phenylalanin 3x/day
    10mg DMAE 3x/day
    750mg ALCAR 3x/day
    500mg fish omega (EPAX 3000 TG500-EPA 77mg, DHA 55mg) 3x-4x/day
    32mg vitamin E 3x-4x/day
    180mg vitamin C 3x-4x/day
    7,2mg Zink 3x-4x/day
    50ug Selen 3x-4x/day
    4,8mg beta karoten 3x-4x/day

    So far, mixed feelings, am experimenting with different dosages and combinations to see effects of each component.

    After I run out of piracetam, I'll get noopept and oxiracetam in combination istead. Ghost out...

  • @DirectorX:  Have you gotten the quote yet?
  • Negative. My chem guy went to jail in the recent operation log jam. Working on another source. I'll be meeting a few chem guys in person on the 21st-23rd. If anyone has anything on their wishlist, let me know before then. 
  • I go for the ECA stack usually used by body builders as pre-workout supplement. It's extremely cheap, natural and it does the job nicely. Just take into consideration that there is no magic pill to get sharper, you must work to improve your organism condition, caring and fueling it properly. Instead of ephedrine I go for 麻黃湯, ma huang (ephedra) and cycle it one day in one day off. If you want medicines into your bloodstream enroll into neuroscience clinical trials involving nootropics, that's what I did while studying that degree. Good for your pocket, good for science and a chance to learn.
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    @DirectorX: FWIW, I did find, way back when, a place selling C16; it's around $67 for 5 mg.  I have no idea how big a dose is, so I don't know how many doses that is, but most of that is probably retail.  It looks like storing it is a bitch, though; you have to keep it away from light and not let dust get into it.  Not to mention you have to store it at -20 C.
  • It wouldn't be too hard to build something to hold the pkg inhibitor at -20C, I'm thinking a single wall thermos wrapped in an aerogel blanket with one more layer of aluminum. It's relatively easy to obtain dry ice too, if the pit inhibitor is in a glass case, simply fill the "thermos" with dry ice and rubbing alcohol. Sure you may have to refill the dry ice periodically, but it's an easy DIY subzero freezer.
  • Hi guys, I'm new to this board and gave this thread a quick read through.

    I take Noopept since about one week for the second time. The first, about 6 months ago, I didn't notice any effects.
    Due to the fact that I bought Noopept on ebay it came to my mind that this stuff may be pretty diluted. Currently I am taking 60 - 90 mg twice per day and I think I have some subtle effects.

    Effect 1:
    My mood is going slightly up and music motivates me to do something.

    Effect 2:

    EVERYTHING is interesting, even the hair on my hands. It is hard to learn under these conditions, because it is quite hard to concentrate on a single thing.

    Effect 3:
    After 20 -30 Minutes it is possible to really learn, although it takes me longer than normal to read texts and it is still a bit hard to concentrate on one topic, but when I finished reading I really memorized the stuff, even hours ago.
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    Oxiracetam is supposed to make music RAD
  • This cognitive enhancer, has the highest Lipophilic efficiency and is quite possibly the most powerful Racetam. A 2004 research study suggested Pramiracetam could be five to ten times stronger than normal Piracetam.

  • Tried Melatonin for the first time last night but found it made both my boyfriend and I really grumpy. Anybody else had this problem?
  • I occasionally use melatonin to put myself to sleep. It definitely isn't a social experience and I am generally cranky when I want to sleep, so I can see how that can easily happen. I've seen it make kids sob themselves to sleep too, probably because of the same reason. I hadn't heard of it being used as a Nootropic before.
  • I recently purchased 250g caffeine. I hadn't settled on a cycle yet, but I'll go with weekdays on / weekend off because I can sleep in on the WEs anyway.

    How much and when do you usually take caffeine? The problem is that the pure caffeine isn't used "over time" like bound caffeine (e.g. in Guarana) but works instantly, so it's better to take several small doses, right?
  • If you are going to use caffeine, supplement with l-theanine. It should reduce the jitters and increase the benefits.

    Start with 50-100mg of caffeine and supplement with about 200mg of l-theanine (the l-the is a morning daily dose, not per caff dose). Yes I know it sounds like a little, but as you mentioned, the absorption and activity is different.

    Beyond that, I will add the obligatory "caffeine is really hard on your body" warning.  There is no substitute for sleep diet and exercise. Routine usage of caffeine can have some long term effects.
  • Hi there, what do you think about vaporizing nootropics? For example here is liquid for e-cig with noopept.
    IMO in this form are more stronger and works immediately...
  • So here's the thing. Most nootropics when taken in the levels that properly affect your brain, do not feel like much of anything. Attack doses of piraceatam definitely had some noticeable focus and crisp vision effects, but after the first couple, it settles down. Brain chemistry is a subtle system. When you can get to a point where you are "feeling it" you are usually impairing functionality in some fashion.

    If you are vaping noots, i would definitely be concerned with your dose amounts. The power of your device and all the modding that one does can alter your intake.

    All that said, there have been a lot of people who have started testing this method out and it does seem to work quite well. Tempted to pick some up myself so I can try it when I'm off this stupid test subject diet...
  • When you use noopept orally, only 10% is absorbed by blood.. Somewhere I read that when you smoking, about 30% of smoke is absorbed... Then if normal dose of noopept is 10-30mg, in form of smoke will be around 3-10mg. If my idea is correct...
    Will try it soon...

  • New here. New problem. S.O. is a polymer chemist, so he can decipher any responses over my head. I have taken modafinil for 10 yrs, working very well for narcolepsy, adhd, antidepressant and some brain damage control and repair. Controlling np wannabe shrink wasn't happy with my continued improvement and refused to prior approve. 6 week hiatus ending in 6 day narcolepsy event left me in bad shape. I'm back on it, slow improvement for a while, but now it takes an act of God to wakeme up. My aide rings doorbell, sets off house alarm, I DO NOT WAKE UP.
    Oxiom-a seems the best safet addition, and I have read the same studies mentioned previously. It is frightening to learn there are so few receptors, they can be destroyed (lyme disease etc) which brought the narcolepsy on years ago. My questions are about Oxiom-a, diet and supplements to help dampen the progression of what feels like NO LIFE FOR ME! That's my best keyboard impression of the Soup Nazi.
    Had I the big bucks, the Amen clinic or equivalent would be great. I am but a poor fatigued artist riter activist who's danderously sleeping her life away.
    What might be something to consider at this point.
    BTW it's affordable 120 200mg for around 100 bucks Sonalert Modalert, direct from India.
    Never a side affect, just did it's job until the break.
  • I like to use Modafinil to boost my brain power at the time of long hard working in Office. I used quite often and it really helped me be attentive, be prepared for tough decisions, help in decreasing anxiety and boost my physical as well as mental energy. Best to consult with your doctor before using it or take help from online sources. I used to read a lot more about nootropics and modafinil at:
  • So, I couldn't read this entire thread(even though there are only two pages). I don't have the attention span currently, as we are on a family trip and I cannot dose one of my meds as frequently. Closed-minded to science some people are. Anyway, I started Piracetam about a week ago. I decided on an attack dose after some research. I found that a 'normal' dose is apparently 3-5g. Can anyone verify this? Moving on, I took about 9-12g total each day up until now. I split it up over 2-3 times a day. I'm really bad with routines, unless it is work. So it will be difficult for me to get into a good routine with this. Now I'm slowing down to about 6g/day. There are some effects so far, increased clarity in thought and some improvement in vision(normally I wear glasses, but I am testing without them, they're not required for my daily life so it's all good.). So here is what I want to experience: a) Short-term fun effects. We all know what I'm talking about. b) Long-term improvement in my cognitive abilities. I'm starting school in January, so that is what I will use as my abstract testing 'environment'. By that I mean the school experience in general. I'm also hoping for improvement in comprehension at work. I work in a restaurant, so I need to move fast, and be accurate. I already do this, but there are still mistakes that I would like to eliminate. I also understand that I can't just take a drug and get what I want. I am adding a mental training regimen to my day as well. Sorry for the wall of text guys. I had a lot I wanted to get out, and I'm not good at shortening this stuff.
  • When you are talking about things you put in your body, the two things you are looking for are usually mutually exclusive. Short term "fun" usually puts a hole in long term improvement in cognitive abilities. Which one do you want to do? 

    I can confirm that 3-5g is normal for piracetam.
  • Fair enough. In that case, ultimately I want long term improvement. However, I do want to try what would be a 'fun' dose of Piracetam since I have it. I like to question everything and find the results for myself. I just don't wanna get too out of hand and do something that could kill me with one dose. Hell, I've taken atropine before as part of a daily regimen. I used to smoke belladonna too. Oh, what is everyone's favorite nootropic retail/wholesale site? I got my Piracetam from New Star, and I'm gonna order Noopept in a bit.
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