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  • Hi guys. Thanks for all the inputs about the tDCS designs. rdb you have a great design I believe and it would make a wonderful equipment for DIY tDCS machine. It does require alot more work and I wish you all the best if you get it in the market (minus the fancy Bluetooth and app gimmick because no ones gonna walk around wearing electrodes on their heads). And I do hope it can be manufactured economically but I do belive it will still remain of interest for select few, most will be scared out of their wits at the thought of zapping brain with current (my mom would for sure). Also im not seeing any government would let it propagate into markets easily (most might get voted out if people get smarter) also every person is so different in terms of body composition that an absolutely accurate tDCS system is a long way from now and alot of work needs to be done and I'm glad I came across this at the dawn of the possibility. But for now rdb's design is beyond my basic understanding of medical electronics and am gonna stick to GoFlow design. (maybe when I use a tDCS I'll be able to understand rdb's design)

    I did look at the GoFlow design and I hope Bandi or rdb could expand more on the design changes of GoFlow. It's very difficult to find an LM334Z near where I live had to order it from UK and I don't want to damage the few that I could get. You mention film capacitor across the electrolyte could you help me with the values as it would be capacitors parallel and the total capacitance would increase. Bleed resistor was a good suggestion too.
  • I found this little item in the National Post today:Transcranial direct current stimulation tDCS technology may improve cognitive ability.

    Sometime I will go there and see what Mind Alive is about since I'm about 20 blocks away.
  • Hello Guys, I've been reading this topic with interest.  There are a few good designs out there; however, the problem most people will have is sourcing parts.  I've got a very simple design, based upon an easy to source NPN transistor (2N3904) current source.  Its got a failsafe resistor that limits current to a maximum of 5mA. I'll post the circuit soon

  • So it has been awhile since I have been here but I wanted to just update you all that I did actually put together an HD tDCS setup. I used EEG electrodes and spliced with wires of four electrodes and attached them to a single channel output. It worked and I get uniform dispersal of the current through all four electrodes (according to my multimeter).
    I will be putting together some how-to vids on tDCS device construction as well as for the electrodes in the future.
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