does my implant look to shallow...?

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Hi, so today I implanted my first magnet in my left ring finger and I'm not sure if it's to shallow or if I'm just nervous about my implant since it is muy first one...? I think it's to shallow because I can still see part if the magnet through my fingers skin...? I can't figure out how to post a picture of my finger on this discussion so just look at my current profile picture and that will be what my finger looks like. Please, tell me your opinion on how it looks, and if it's to shallow or if I'm just over reacting.

Thanks for all the help,


  • I don't think it can be too shallow unless it's rejecting.  Most nerve endings are closest to the skin, so you'll have the best sensation there.
  • oh ok, I really hope it's not rejecting. I'm just worried because I can see part of the magnet through my skin, is that bad or...?
  • I'm afraid I don't have any input about its depth (mine isn't visible and that's all I know) but I'm excited to hear about how it goes for you. It would be really cool to be able to show it to people and if it works then I'll plan on getting my second one that is visible through the skin.
    Often times when I tell people that I have a magnet in my finger and they ask to see it, and when they can't they ask to feel it, but its not something you can feel so they usually seem pretty disappointed. I didn't get this implant to make other people happy but I do wish it was more visible and that it could get people excited to see it.

    So I do hope you give it a solid chance and I hope even more that it works out for you. Keep us updated!

  • That is an excelent point!:) I never thought about how people would want to actually be able to see my magnet. I will cetainly try as best as I can to keep this magnet from rejecting and starting over now that you have brought that to my attention, and I will indeed keep you updated on how it's doing and healing:)

    Thanks for bringing that point up and the good info,

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    How did you implanted it? What kind of magnet is it? I would like to know a bit of background :)
  • Today, the magnet popped out because of rejection...:( The magnet I was using was VP Scientific 782N-3, but luckily I had some .75mm by 1mm parylene coated magnets from that are significantly smaller than the VP magnets. So, I cleaned out where the VP magnet had popped out of my finger and put the smaller magnet in and glued the slit shut with some skin glue. If this smaller magnet doesn't work then I'm going to have let the wound heal and I'm going to try again with the VP magnets because they are stronger than the magnet I'm using. For the original procedure I used, I just used the scalpel meathod that everyone knows, but I didn't numb my finger using ice or an anesthetic, but I think if I have to try again, I am definately going to try and get a hold of a proper numbing agent because it hurt ALOT to do it un-numbed. Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes.

    Wish me luck!:)

  • good luck! 
    I have some of those .75mm by 1mm and have been wondering if they are too small or not (as im new too all this). 
    So i would be very interested in hearing how they are for you!
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    ohh!! The .75mm by 1mm magnets work really well, I already have succesfully implanted one of those in the webbing of my hand between my thumb and index finger. I have had it for about a month now and it healed really well!:) Also, I do not think that they are too small because I have already felt some magnetic fields with it, and it's only in the webbing, there are barely any nerves there compared to the amount of nerves in your finger tip, so I think it will definetely work if you are going to try to implant one of those:)
    I'll keep you informed on how it goes!

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