Experience with Lidocaine HCl crystals

Hey everyone, 

I've got a small sample of 99.9% reagent grade lidocaine hcl crystals (hcl makes the lido water soluble) in my possession and I'm experimenting with ways to make a trans-dermal numbing cream or salve or even just a method that's been tried before that worked. The goal is to come up with a method/mix that can take the edge off of implantation or dermal scalpel work... no deep cutting.

I've tried a few things... small amount of water + lido to make a paste, apply paste to skin... wait... not that impressive. I've tried mixing with DMSO... still not impressive. Injections of lidocaine are 1% or 2% if you get the good stuff, mixed with water and sometimes salt (NaCl). Commercial creams can be found that go up to 5% lido, mixed with other junk to make them creams. The skin seems to be doing a dang fine job of keeping out my lido mixtures, which are much higher concentrations than 5%. I'm going to steer completely clear of the idea I could mix up my own injectable batch... not quiet ready to jump that hurdle just yet... I'm really looking for a topical solution.

Does anyone have any ideas or better yet, experience?


  • SWIM found that the easiest way to numb extremities, specifically fingers, is through tourniqueting  and ice water immersion.  

    Obviously there are dangers to someone untrained placing a tourniquet, however that individual found that a hair band around the finger and about 5 minutes of immersion made the finger numb enough for him to make the cuts necessary for implantation of a disc magnet. 
  • Hi countseven, thanks for the info!

    That should work great on fingers, but I don't know that doing that to an entire hand would be as effective... or a good idea. Of course there are also other parts of the body that are impossible to tourniquet, like the abdomen.

    I've found a study that indicates lido can permeate skin better when mixed with certain oils: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16221607

    The only problem is, I have the Lido HCl which is water soluble. I have doubts it will dissolve properly into any of the mentioned oils... but it's worth a shot. 
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    The abdomen is a sort of tricky area for any deep surgery, but surgical tourniquets are quite common for most extremities. 

  • I believe he was just using that as an example, I may be wrong though. 

    I think what he wants is to achieve a topical numbing salve.
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    That's correct Justin. What I found to be the most effective (for me anyway) was to mix about 150mg of lido crystals with a few drops of water, wet a small cotton ball, and secure the cotton ball under a waterproof bandaid (adhesive bandage) for about 20-30 minutes. While it did not fully numb my skin, I was able to poke it pretty hard and draw blood with a scalpel and only experience a small percentage of the pain I normally would.

    I'm exploring liability issues now concerning writing a guide for such a procedure, however I've opted to make small 150mg vials of lido hcl crystals available on dangerous things so others may experiment; https://dangerousthings.com/shop/lidocaine-hcl-150mg

    Amal ;)

  • Amal, I think there's a space at the very end of that url that got incorporated in that hyperlink, and it broke. I'm quite excited to see all the stuff that is on Dangerous Things, and that the products list keeps being added to. Chances are that I'll be making a purchase there in the near future. If I find anything interesting with the lido crystals I'll be sure to share my experiences.
  • Hi MrSticky,

    Thanks for the catch on the URL... there was a space after and the automatic linker included it in the HREF it generated. It should work now.

    I'm working on getting ahold of straight lidocaine without the hydrochloride component to see if I can mix it with DMSO or another oily acid referenced in the study linked in my previous post. If that works better, I will definitely put the components up as a kit, but you'd have to mix yourself... if I mixed it, it would be called a compound and I would be breaking laws at that point :)
  • Just to update this thread, Dangerous Things is now offering a complete pain management kit; https://dangerousthings.com/shop/pain-management-kit/ and I'm awaiting a couple of pre-release review videos that detail how biohackers are using the kit.
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