Turning myself into a mobile wifi hotspot

I really hate nonwifi areas. Today I had about a good two hours of walking through a nonwifi area to get home from a roller derby game I went to. Now I started thinking, if I can't turn the world into a giant mobile hotspot, can I at least turn myself into one? I think the answer is yes. Get a mobile hotspot from Verizon or AT&T, yes you will have to pay for the service, but it's not too expensive, I think like $15-$25 a month, slap on an inductive power supply to charge it wirelessly, bioproof it, and implant it turning yourself into a mobile hotspot. After I start getting a consistent income, I would like to build a prototype. What are your thoughts on this idea? Any suggestions? Feedback? Etc?


  • that would be nice, but wifi and even more so 3g/4g take really large amounts of power, far more than would be realistic for an implant.
  • I'm talking about implanting one of the handheld portable hotspots, just modifying it to be bioproofed and use inductive charging instead of plugging it into the wall charging. Most already only have a battery life of 4-5 hours, but some go even up to 11+ hours. I think it could work. After I get a stable job, I would like to make a few prototypes, test it out thoroughly.
  • be warned. read the following with a good portion of humor.

    if there is one thing about wifi.. than it's eating energy at the same rate pacman munges away those yellow dots. AmmonRa is absolutely correct on this.

    A random device i found has a 1800mAh battery. given our inductive charging rates range between 5 and 20mA right now. you'd need about 100hours to charge that thing, giving you 5 hours of operation, or a bit less than 2 days standby. unless you have an on/off switch, that thing eats more than 3 times the energy on standby than you can charge it.
    also, a normal battery has about 500 to 800 charge cycles befor the performance starts to degrade noticably. given the standby/operating time that means that your device would be pretty usless after 2 or 3 years (even if you manage to charge it fast enough)
    other than that. those thing are huge (due to the battery), tissue isn't exactly wifi-friendly, and last but not least you'd be in trouble when you want to change the provider , cause you'd have to cut yourself open to get the simcard out.

    and finally, the entire idea is pretty much "why?". the only occasion when turning yourself into a wifi hotspot is of any use is: when you have a device that uses this wifi. a situation where you carry around some sort of laptop/mobile/gadget already.Instead of cutting you open you could just aswell get that laptop/mobile/whatever it is with a 3g modem build-in (or carry arround the 3g modem in your pocket).

    your body ain't a place to just stuff your belongings into. there are a few great things you can do by putting stuff into your body. but for most things it does no good at all. a little evaluation help http://home.arcor.de/positiveelectron/files/biohackflowchart.pdf
    don't get me wrong. this really is nothing personal. there are just too many ideas popping up on the forum that somehow don't really make sense.

    sry for the ranting. don't take it too personal. it's just a technically pretty much not so great idea.
  • What's wrong with just having a smartphone and paying the extra $15-20 a month for tethering that you would be spending on this hotspot?
  • @ThomasEgi @AmmonRa

    You have given me a lot to think about. I would still like to at least make a prototype one day to experiment with.

    The biggest reason is i really dont care too much about smartphones right now. I only require 3 things in a phone: a keyboard, unlimited calls, and unlimited text. My plan on Metro PCS is cheap, affordable, and has everything i require. I refuse to upgrade my iPad for the simple reason that this is one of the last jailbreakable models as of right now. It's on 5.1.1, everything else is 6.0+. But my iPad is wifi only, kinds the whole reason why I thought of this.
  • I'm gonna have to agree with ThomasEgi..Maybe you could get a hotspot and tape it to yourself for a week, only doing inductive charging and see how you like it.  You'd have to charge it in your sleep I would imagine, so tests of whether you can keep your body on an inductive charger all night would be good.
  • @iexiak

    That's a very good idea. It gives me a place to start at least. I really hope I can accomplish this, but if I have to scrap it I will though.
  • Could I ask you what the point is of having it under your skin?  It seems to me that you're just using your body as a handbag this way, as Thomas pointed out.  I don't see any benefit to having such a device implanted that could possibly come close to outweighing the large hurdles and risks.

    If I wanted to become a mobile wireless hotspot, I'd just keep it in my pocket.
  • I'm prone to forgetting things. I have already accidentally left my iPad in several stores at the cash register then had to run back to get it. Besides, one day we will have onboard wifi anyway, why not do it now? Of course by then wifi might even be obsolete.
  • There seems to me to be two non-beneficial ends of the trans-humanist spectrum. I like H+ fine... but far too much of it focuses on multimillion dollar items or procedures that are simply out of reach for just about everybody. Its the side of the spectrum where people diddle about talking about silliness like the "ethics of transhumanism." I'm far more interested in what we can do here and now.

    The other side of the spectrum I think is being demonstrated in this post. I'm not interested in an RFID because I could have one on my belt buckle or in a ring. If you can carry it and get the same functionality it doesn't make sense. I don't believe that forgetfulness warrants surgery. Lets be realistic here... wolverine claws might seem cool, but how many times this year have you said, "Damn, I wish I had a pocket knife right now." I carry one in my bag. Not even in a pocket because it's of limited use. So a knife implant? Really? The south paw type projects... I like! But seldom ever think, damn I wish I had a compass; however, the incorporation of a new spatial "compass sense" is something I simply can't carry in my pocket. No offense meant Brandon, but I think you could come up with a better/more utile augment to pursue.
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