Biohacking ideas.

My Biohacking ideas.

Some of these ideas have been put forward by other people already, some are my own. Most of these ideas are probably at least a decade away or may be impossible but some could probably be installed within a month.

Heart rate monitor

Could be powered from the voltage given off by the heart. Could use a calculator LCD display or possibly even an e-ink tattoo. Also have an option to plug in to an external device via implanted 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Something similar could be done for blood pressure and temperature giving a decent amount of medical information displayed directly on your skin.

Geiger counter

May be hard to shrink down enough and power but would be freaking awesome. Best to set it so that it only activated when radiation got close to dangerous levels. Difficult to miniaturize, probably best on a larger part of the body such as the leg, shoulder, chest or back.


Took me a while to to think how to do this without the body becoming adjusting to the sensation making it unreadable or annoying. The best idea I can come up with is developing a tattoo ink which changes colour based on pressure. If this is imposible I'm sure there must be other ways of doing something as simple as a barometer.

Ultra sound

Just as the brain can handle additional input thrown at it from the eye the same is probably true of the ear. We could either use gene therapy or connect a device to the auditory nerve to extend our hearing range. We could of course then use real echo location as well.

Could even go a step further with echo location by having an array of mics connected to a microcomputer which creates a 3D scene and sends the data to the optic nerve or visual cortex.

Infrared, ultraviolet vision

Other people have covered this in the forum but repeating just because it would be the most awesome thing ever! I know Some women are tetracromatic because having an extra x chromosome means they can have an extra variation of one of the eye cone genes. The brain has no trouble accepting this extra input. There is a whole world of beauty which we are missing out on. I would pay obscene amounts of money to achieve this.

Digital memory/processing

Our brain's analogue nature is it's biggest strength and it's biggest weakness. We can do tasks which the biggest super computers wont be able to achieve for decades but at the same time most of us struggle to remember a phone number or doing two digit multiplication!

If we can find a way of converting between the brain and digital chips the rest should be easy. Even an extra MB of long-term memory, KB of short-term memory and MHZ of digital processing would open up possibilities I can hardly even begin to imagine.

Could also have it able to wirelessly connect to other people with the implant or wireless devices giving the user real telepathy.

Miniaturization wouldn't be a problem and the power demands of such tiny chips would be next to nothing so solving this problem would be a lot easier than interfacing it with the brain. 

If I could only have one mod this would be it without a doubt.


  • Air gills

    Came up with the idea when I was jogging. Basically devices implanted along the length of the arms and or legs which extract oxygen from the air and use it to oxygenate blood. In theory it could drastically enhanced endurance and reduce cramp by giving us far more oxygen than the lung alone . Of course a similar thing could be done for water breathing.

    Magnetic pull

    How awesome would it be to be able to pull large ferrous items straight to your hands from a foot away like a Jedi?

    Of course having a ridiculously powerful permanent magnet is more of a hindrance than a help but what if you could turn it on and off?

    I'm thinking electro-magnet connected to a capacitor with a switch activated by squeezing two transdemal switch with the other hand (wouldn't want this going off accidentally).

    I'll add more ideas to this thread as I think of them.
  • Agreed on the value of digital memory.  This is the big one for me, also.  

    It could be that some of the technology which Grinder & others develop might turn out to be even more useful; we won't know that, until we get there.  But yeah, I'd give anything to have a virtually unlimited storage for reflecting on math or logic problems, storing intermediate calculations, without having to reach for paper or the smartphone.  

    Imagine being able to explore a topic, immediately after waking up, even before you open your eyes.

  • Sure, that all sounds great, but for the time being, much of it is little more than scifi.

    you mentioned size being a major problem with the geiger counter, but they already sell geiger counters built into digital watches...

    not cheap, but I think small enough, all that would need doing is adding a threshold detector, a vibrator from a smartphone, and bioproofing. 
    I think this could be could be quite doable today.

  • Wow, didn't know there were geiger counter watches. Might make that my next hack after I install my magnets.
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