What would you want in a Biohacking Store?

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I'm going to be placing an order for some things in a bit for myself, but magnets and wire and coating all come in bulk.  Since I'll have this stuff on hand anyways, and the group orders have seemed to be pretty popular and unwieldy, I'm thinking of opening a small shop for the extras.  Basically, what I'm wondering is if there's any interest in this being more than a one time thing, and what you would want on it if I were to make it permanent.


  • Thats a good idea. If you where actually to open a little shop I would love to see some literature there. Definitely some transhumanist fiction, but also a couple of relevant tech manuels would be great. 
  • I'm not much of a biologist/chemist, but basic bio/chem lab supplies would be good to have on hand.
  • Meanderingman: I could see writing a detailed ebook on implanting magnets.  That one I could do myself, probably.  Others would need to tackle other topics.  So you're thinking scientific literature, too?  Like, relevant studies and research?  Or manuals that aggregate that into a single easy tome?

    Purplep: I'll look into it.  That might take a while, though, and would depend on how successful the store was.  I'm going to start with what I'm already ordering for myself.
  • I would suggest magnets of all sorts of different shapes and sizes; for example, as
    opposed to the small magnets we've been contemplating, there are some
    people who have disks as big as 0.25" diameter, 0.03125" length
    implanted (supposedly, that size is way more sensitive than any other
    ones tried thus far).
  • I actually have a 7x2mm bar magnet in my finger right now, and I'd love to upgrade to a similarly sized bar made of better material.  I actually thought that was a common implant size, to be honest.

    Okay, so to start out, I'll grab a bunch of different magnet sizes, some wire, and some coating.  If it proves to be successful, I'll move on to resources and lab equipment.  Any other requests?
  • Cool, I've myself been planning to start a small store targeting biohackers for the past year or so now.

    If you plan on selling cylindrical magnets, it might be useful to sell RFID injectors as well.  You can get them rather cheaply in bulk, sterile packed, from Chinese suppliers.
  • @Sauanahaii: An ebook on magnets would be a great place to start. Links to current scientific papers and studies would be good. I dont know of any comprehensive manuals, but aggregating how-to guides would be a great place to start. It would also be nice to see some books like 

    Bio Cybernetics: Here 
    Cybernetics and society: Here
    Robots, Cyborgs and AI: Here

    It would also be cool to have some RDIF tags available. I dont know many people who are interested in it - but we might as well have them available for those that are. 
  • Yes, it would be wonderful to have all our collective knowledge imparted in a single tome of sorts, to make it easier for people just getting started, instead of having them run around pretty blindly to gather all relevant knowledge, and possibly using outdated sources.
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    Well, I'm glad to see that people are interested in this!  I'm going to start with magnets, but I think I will order some injectors too.  I'll see if I can't find a distributor.  Once I get it up I'll write a little something for magnets, though I'm hardly an expert yet.

    RDB: did you do any sourcing?  I'm having trouble finding appropriately-sized N52 magnets, specifically cylindrical.  I found N48 disks, so I got that covered.  I've looked at a few Chinese manufacturers, but so far none look trustworthy enough/tell me enough without a RFQ.  I'd prefer to work with someone I won't need to worry about a casing fail/bad materials with.  I'm also having trouble locating cheap coating.  I looked at the link on the wiki, but that's $350 for 2 pounds.  Now, granted, 2 pounds is a lot, but I still would like something a bit cheaper, or at least smaller containers to start.
  • It's probably best to just get precoated magnets, I imagine that it's not easy getting the coating right (no air bubbles etc) when doing it yourself.  I don't have any experience with them, but it seems that VP Scientific has a whole range of relatively cheap neodymium magnets of all sorts and coatings.  I've only ever sourced Alnico magnets with PTFE coating though, sorry.

    As for syringes, just search for "RFID syringe" on alibaba or aliexpress, there are plenty of suppliers.  They are typically made for 2mm diameter RFID tags, which also seems to be a popular choice for cylindrical magnet implants.
  • I'm still planning for precoated magnets, but I still need the coating.  My induction loops must be coated in something, as well as my implants.  I was thinking of VP for my magnets, but I guess I was hoping that someone had a source with a little more variety.  Their stir bars seem to have a minimum of 6mm diameter, where I want 2.  I'm doing them for disk magnets, though.

    Interesting that you chose Alnico.  What made you go that route?  From my limited knowledge, the main difference it has seems to be that it can survive greater temperatures and only has a rating of N9.  That's why I've been avoiding them.
  • Mainly because I haven't found a reliable source for high-grade cylindrical neodymium magnets with reliable PTFE coating yet.  I'm interested in PTFE because the smooth surface should make it easy to inject and remove, and the parylene ones I've seen so far have had a very thin coating (I don't think I'll trust a 30 micron coating enough to put it in my body).
  • Those are the reasons I've chosen PTFE, too.  That, and I've heard that parylene does degrade pretty easily, because it is soft.

    Alright, I'll keep looking for a good source for magnets.  I've found some companies that specialize in coating, so if I have to I can just get some cheap N42 bars of the right size and send them off.  I'll need to look into pricing for that.

    So does anyone have neodymium bars in their hand, that you know of?
  • I have no clue.  There was that recent group buy with parylene-coated neodymium bars, but the coating is very thin (it scrapes off easily), so I won't be trying them out.
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    Yeah.  That, and those are disks, I believe, not bars suitable for injection.  I've had no problem finding appropriately sized disks, but cylinders make more sense to me, thanks to the lack of mess and pain.  I've put in a few RFQ with small batch coating companies, but I'm a little worried because most don't allow for home use.  I think they're all worried someone will hire them to do what I'm trying to do.
  • I was talking about this group buy.
  • Ah, I remember that one.  Good to know about the parylene.  Thanks.
  • I'm new but maybe a starter kit. I'd buy one if the price was right, saves the trouble of shopping around for everything needed.
  • The store is on the backburner for the moment, as I get my finances squared away.  But I agree: a starter kit would be pretty fantastic.  When I launch it, I'll make sure the include one.
  • I've already managed to order everything I need but I'm sure other people would love it. By the time it's open I will probably be looking to get something more advanced though.
  • Saumanahaii  The company I ordered those N52 magnets from is K&J Magnetics. They do custom jobs so if you have something you would like you could shoot them a request to see what they can do.  The ones I ordered were not stock, they put the paralyne coating over a gold coating for me which is not something they typically do.  Not sure if they do PTFE or not but it might be worth checking into if that's what you are looking for. 
  • @Saumanahaii

    Do you have any left to sell?
  • K&J does custom jobs? But that's one of those places you have to buy in bulk right? I would like to get spme bigger parylene coated cylindrical neodymium magnets. The only place I found that sells them in singles only has very small ones.
  • I would also be interested in some bigger parylene coated magnets.  Maybe we could put together a group order?
  • @ BrandonKing. Yes they have a $150 minimum order so you would want to find some others to go in with.  They were very helpful though, I changed my quote like 4 times with no hassle.  They just wanted to make sure I got what I needed and were willing to help, even if that meant changing the quote several times.
  • Well idk when I will be able to reimplant mine since I'm temporarily joining the army soon to pay for college, so because of that I'm probably just gonna get $150 worth of magnets from them in one go when I'm able to reimplant lol
  • extrion76 It sounds like you got custom disks from K&J? Or were you able to get appropriately sized bars?
  • If anyone is having difficulty getting appropriate equip for insertion, PM me. I do not have any magnets but anything else your seeking to make up a "kit."
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    @Cassox So what about injectable lidocaine? Or simillar anaesthetics...

  • @Ghost02236 I have water soluble lidocaine hcl here https://dangerousthings.com/shop/lidocaine-hcl-150mg/

    If you have sterile saline solution and can do the math, you could mix your own injectables.
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